Saturday, March 6, 2010

Squeezing in the frame may be a problem

I've stitched till my already nerve ridden left hand is now about completely unable to type but I'm determined to get this piece done.

I took it out again of the Qsnap, wrinkles and all (like me) and oh, I have another bottom border to do. I'm crossing my fingers really really hard that it will fit. I can't figure it out. I thought I used 32 count and the pattern calls for 28, so if anything it would have more border, oops.

I'm stitching straight downwards so I'll know. Like this will matter that I have only 4 lines of words left? LOL
But I will adjust it because I love this frame. We'll see how this goes and if I can stitch tomorrow, I will try to get alot more done as I have loads of time on my hands right now. (no pun intended)
I like the water in the birdbath and how it turned out.
I guess it's about midnight and I'm still awake, as usual, my mind could keep going but my hand says I have to quit right now, but then again, I may just keep going until I have all five fingers shooting tingling nerve endings. Whatever, makes me feel alive! LOL
P.S. Deb, remember what I told you about that Needlework 4 system. It's looking like it might be something to order this week...........


  1. Jennifer!
    There is a typo on the pattern - sorry, it WAS stitched on 32ct and the frame opening is 5 X 11 so if you worked it on 32ct you shouldn't have a problem. I've corrected the newer batches of charts but you got one from the first wave. Sorry for any confusion.

    Tanya :)

  2. Your stitching looks beautiful - that water in the birdbath is cute!! And that frame, beautiful! I do hope it works out for you!

    Hoping that your hand feels better soon!!

  3. I love the kitty in this one. Do you have enough fabric at the top where you could put in the word tea or add aeiou or some kind of arch at the top of the design to help make it a little longer?

  4. Pretty frame. I hope you can get it figured out. It sure will be a neat piece.

  5. love the frame. Your stitching is beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful piece! The frame is perfect for it. I know you will make it work out in the end.

  7. It is beautiful Jennifer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it fits the frame. That frame is really something special!


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