Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm guilty to the first degree---I slept with my sampler last night

Can you tell it's pretty wrinkled and on top of my unmade bed right now. Cause I had a dream that I had failed at something else last night. It's a trend throughout my life.
Cross stitching is one thing I usually get half-right so I got up took my arthritis meds and got busy till I reached the furthest point of stitching to see if I could breathe through the rest and relax....I mean it is a hobby, right? LOL

It fit by the skin of my teeth!!!!!!!!
YEAH! I thought I used 32 count but it just may be 28, right now in my life it could 490, if my head wasn't attached I'd probably forget what it looked like too but I thought (thought) I reached into my 32 count pile.
And you know what? I have 2 (not 1) but 2 lovely gauges that tell you the size of your fabric and I can't find not one of them. So, I'm just glad it fit cause I love, love this frame for it!!!!!!!
I'll check back later when I've put that teapot in the middle on the bottom and finished the bottom row.
Well, better run, cause I think Ren is stuck in a corner of the bedroom between the dresser and the wall in a 2 foot space, poor soul. It doesn't bother him but it bothers me to hear his head banging.....maybe I should try it with him!! LOL


  1. That frame is so cool! I'm happy that your sampler fits. I agree, it is perfect for your sampler.

  2. So glad it fit! That frame is georgeous!!!

    Poor Ren! Did you find him a crash helmet yet??

  3. LMAO you are a riot!

    Glad it will fit... it is coming out beautiful and that frame is perfect for it.

  4. I like the frame and the sampler


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