Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The weatherman said rain predicted today. Wrong.

This morning I woke up at usual 6am after going to bed at 2am, knew I was off today, started thinking about Elizabeth and the whole mess of that situation, started thinking about Brandon and Meghan, thinking of how excited I was he was coming home, but my emotions were swinging and until recently, I was told that was not normal but now I know it is now.
I covered my head with the blanket and went back into deep sleep until 10am expecting to get up, take medicine, fix hot tea (still out of coffee), eat something just for the process of it, and clean up all the poopapers. I should have known a storm of some sort was on the way, because even as old as Ren is, he used to always head for the bathroom during a storm. He was always more agitated and last night he was determined to bop his head into the walls until he reached the bathroom to sleep.

When I reached back the curtains and saw what appeared to be a blizzard with about 5 inches of snow I was shocked. Rain? This is rain today?
I don't think I will be running those errands today as planned.
My neighbor called to check on me and she never calls me. Very pleasant but unexpected.
Body Guard is in heaven now since it's a disaster. That just gets his adrenaline going.
He gets to save the world.
So, me and Ren and Abbie are going to watch the snowflakes and be thankful that we aren't driving in it today.
I wish the pics could pick up the actually flakes falling but for some reason I don't know how to get the camera to do that yet.
I want to let Abbie go experience snow but I'm afraid she would get hypothermia in minute and then that would be my fault. So, stuck inside now.
Drinking hot tea and praying our electricity stays on for heat. If not, the fireplace will be started.
Cause for sure during times like this, I'm alone while my husband is out saving everyone else, so plan B for sure is in place.
Later on this evening, I'll take some update pics cause it's coming down pretty fast.
In a way, I'm happy. I can stay in my PJs all day and maybe get some stitching done in the middle of 2 barking Chi's.
Hope your neck of the woods is warm!


  1. Boy, you guys are getting clobbered! Glad you don't have to drive in it - that is what causes me the most stress! Looking forward to seeing what you stitch today!

  2. Brrrr Jennifer ,we have the beginnings of spring here in the South of England. We have had no snow in this part of the country much as my grandchildren would love it,their comment is that when they are old enough they are moving where they get snow! I think they may change their minds lol.Hope Ren is ok and they have managed to have a patch cleared for the loo . Take care

  3. Jennifer, that is so pretty! I'm glad to hear that you have a fireplace so that you'll be warm even if the power is troubled!

    I'm stitching that new Sampler Girl Freebie and thinking of you 'cause I know how much you like her stuff. Do you think you'll stitch "eat your carrots" sometime?

  4. A good day to stay in your PJ's, a roaring fire and stitch your heart away !

  5. Well I'll say it - you got a p-poor weather man although maybe he meant people in town would have rain not the people in the mountains.
    Abby looks like a chinese crested, is she? Does she have fun over her body? can't tell from the pics.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. We have gotten some of that storm but not enough to cover the ground yet. Guess we'll see what happens as the day progresses.

  7. Hey Jen - that's rain - just the frozen kind! I can't believe the weather that you've had over this winter. Enjoy the day - drink tea, stay in pj's and stitch!

  8. What pretty pictures! As much as I am tired of snow in my neck of the woods, I can still admire a fresh blanket of the stuff! I am happy that you can just stay all snug and warm inside today! I'll be checking in later for a stitchy update!

  9. Poor you, looks like you really got a storm. Isn't it strange you are getting snow and here in Ontario, Canada it is like spring everything is melting. I love your blog!

  10. Jennifer, We awoke to rain and they said snow for us. You got my Snow !!! LOL Hope you got to stitch and enjoy it.

  11. Stay inside safe and warm and love up those puppies! Here in NJ finally our 30" of snow is melting and they are predicting in the 50s by Sunday but March is always a surprise month when it comes to snow.

    Thinking of you -
    Sandy in NJ

  12. Yeah, it sure ain't RAIN! But it does look pretty... I wish we would get snowed in--I need some stitchin time!!


  13. We had light flurries all morning here but absolutely nothing to show for it now. It all dried up before it even hit the ground!
    I went out in it long enough to throw old bread out for the birds and that was quite enough for me. I am longing for 90 degree days.


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