Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fabric sorting and stashing

The kitchen island is clean now. All my collected fabrics are in a pile to be created into something, I don't know what. But I wish I could sew well because they would make great projects. Mainly I use them for backing material.

I snuck this pic in of my Irish candy, Chocolate kisses with creme menth in them.
Well, I got this old wide lace for a wreath to make for Spring. Got it at a thrift store.

These fabrics are eye candy to me.

Maybe something for the dogs......

my favorite tuilip fab.

This old wool plaid is large and 2 yards for 1.00, couldn't resist.
A summery fab

Found this at a quilt shop, would make pretty little pillows or hanging, there are 3 parts to it.

Called Angel houses.

with a matching fatquarter.

2 Jane Austen fabs I love and the blue in the pick looks navey but it's bright blue.
Another Jane Austen one, true to color.

A mini stack of frames for future projects.

yep, it's 1am and I'm up going through fabrics. I love fabric. I just have to develop better sewing skills to make cutsie little things with them.

A definite stash enhancement.


  1. Lovely fabric. I too wish I could sew better. Hope Ren enjoys his sleep on the washcloth.

  2. I like all fabrics, specially tulips and Angel houses .
    I love chocolate with cream menth, ¡irresistibles!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. That Jane Austen one is so pretty!!!
    I love it. :)
    Nice treasures.

  4. Wow! You've got some pretty fabrics there! I really like Angel Houses - I've never heard that before. What a darling pillow it would make - I can picture it sitting on a bed!

  5. Great fabrics Jennifer! Definite eye candy. There are so many tutorials on the internet I'm sure that you won't have trouble making anything! All that fabric has a lot of potential. And practice makes perfect, right?

  6. Love all the fabbys! I found out that I have a pretty fair collection too, when I decided to sort them by season (or at least separate Christmas from the rest)... Thanks for the enabling!



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