Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time to catch up

A bit wrinkled after getting out of my Qsnap frame but "IT IS WHAT IT IS!" I got through the 2nd section mostly sitting in a parking lot during lunch time because after work as demanded more attention than usual. I also injured the top of my left hand accidentally at work and have needles and pins feelings running across the top of my left hand. This is the arm that was affected in an accident already and I'm hoping and praying this heals and goes away soon. Not a good time to deal with physical issues too. I'm sure I just aggravated that nerve again but it has put a slow down on my stitching progress.

I filled in the number 3 with the Old Purple Paint CC color I got.

I do apologize for not writing daily as I usually do but I needed the time to reflect on critical issues that needed my attention. The week has been filled with good and bad, and actually I reminded myself that Maslow's hierachy of needs is really truthful and without being a psychology professor right now, I'm just saying that this week I was stuck on the first level this week, coping in ways which may or may not be acceptable to other people. Just reminding myself to eat and sleep was a challenge.
I had 1980 email messages saved in Yahoo and this definitely needed cleaning out along with purging what's important now and what's not important, to pull my own self through the last year of losses I can't even begin to list.
Probably the dumbest thing I heard this week was that a pill could be a substitute. NOT.
In my profession, I see more problems related to side effects of pills than I do the original problem and will not get caught up in that one-sided way of thinking. However, we do live in a society where loss and feelings of grief is not normal and that Prozac will take it all away make us perfect people again. Wrong. This is nothing against SSRI medications but I can just tell you that the side effects are overwhelmingly brutal to women. I don't know if they have a more sensitive system or what but I spend probably about 60 % of my work day trying to put a Bandaid on the side effects caused by pills when the real answer is true compassion and time/relationships. Believe me, silence is not golden.
When did it not become acceptable to be loved for who we were, to not have to meet certain conditions under tremendous strains of loss in order to bump up to level 2 or 3 in the hierachy here. And in swaying back and forth from daggers about my comments on my blog, my simple answer is if you don't like it, don't keep reading it.

There's always something good in ourselves even if others we love don't see it, and I just had to put some situations into perspective. This is a pic of Afghanistan women in a drug rehab center for themselves and their children/babies and the therapeutic classes on needlework.

I thought this to be striking and shows how needlework is sometimes the only thing that get us to the next level on the hierachy of needs. It's something to show we accomplished something, something beautiful, and that we as women are worth something.

I've been exchanging and changing on Ebay. I sold a nice leather belt that had hung in my closet for 4 years unworn for a couple of good things I know I would like including this sign for my sampler wall:

And a sampler by Beth Twist called Anna's Prayer. This I may stitch in rememberance of Elizabeth. The words are hard to see in the picture but if you click on the pic you can read them.

And most of all this week in my mail goodies, I received this package of goodies I exchanged on ebay for a bracelet I had (I know we needleworkers are desperate in our addiction), for this package of 30 colors of overdyes from Gentle Art. It include a stitching bag which I didn't really need but was glad to have when it arrived. There are special addition Gentle Art colors that I love and couldn't have gotten at a needlework shop for 1/4 of the price. My motivation for the inquiry was needing Old Purple Paint thread by Gentle Art.
This pic is from the EBay site and not the actual products that arrived because today I'm lazy and didn't take a picture ! LOL

I got part of the giveaway goodies in the mail yesterday and I was elated. I just received an email that I should be getting the other part in the mail next week. The last day is tomorrow at midnight for entry. See FEB28th posting if you are interested in this.

I'm so hoping this arrives next week so I can get out to the winner I will pick!!!

I love giving hope to others, I really do. It probably makes me more happy than the recipient. I wish I had loads of money and could do more but right now, this is all I can do, and include being here as a friend if anyone ever needs anything, such as a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to, etc. when all in life sometimes is not roses and finding true companions is a rare event.

Here's hoping you have a great early Springey Saturday and that you are in the company of the ones you love.



  1. Jennifer, so good to hear from you!! Your stitching looks great and I do hope that your hand feels better soon.

    I so agree with you on the pill issue - so many go straight for the pills to mask the problems instead of trying to find the roots and dig them out!

    Keep taking care of yourself!

  2. Well said!

    Your stitching piece looks wonderful! I do hope you feel better soon so we can see/read more from you.

    Nice stash from eBay as well! I really like that "Needles Threads Samplers" picture you got. I think it would make a perfect addition to your Samplers wall.

  3. You've been missed but I knew you were probably focused on necessary things. Keep on keeping on. Hugs.

  4. I love your sign. You made a great trade! I always like Beth Twist patterns. I have never paid attention to the verse on this one so will have to look at it closer.

    I agree with you about the pill thing. I would not take anxiety meds when my dad got ill and passed away. I needed to grieve in my own way - not cover it up.

  5. I think everyone needs their time to work through things. Take the time you need and grieve the way you to with honesty and sincerity. I am with you about the pills just glossing over things. Your stitching is lovely.

  6. i agree - if you don't like what you read - don't read it - go somewhere else!
    Love the sampler you purchased in memory of your friend. Think of the good times with her as you stitch.
    Yes it is true. In our society you take a pill instead of crying over a friends death. There is nothing wrong with crying, being held by girl-friends - think 'Steel Magnolias'. true friends see you through every event in your life.
    When ever something happens that is not quite right either in my life or my daughter's, I just look at her and say 'it'll be fine. it'll be just fine.' and before you know it - it is just fine! Sometimes you just have to step back and think before taking that next step forward. We women see each other through life!

  7. Glad to see you back, I've missed reading your comments!
    I hope your hand is doing better and love your stitched piece!

  8. I´m glad to read you again. I agree with you about pill issue (Prozac, tranquimacin,...) and as I told you in my mail I would suggest you read about The Bach Flower Therapy

    Take care Jennifer


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