Monday, March 1, 2010

Ren's confusion tonight

Here's where I found Ren tonight.

He thought he would go ramble into the bathroom and pull up a washcloth and snooze a while on it. I had been working on cleaning out the cabinets and closets and had this basket and box leftover. I kept putting him back in his bed but he did the usual, left a little wee in front of Abbie and moseyed back to the bathroom to get a washcloth out to lay for the night.

Dogs sense things for sure. He is so comfortable that I may just let him sleep there tonight. I'm surprised he didn't get into the basket.

His arthritis medicine is working good......too good because now he walks all over the house again, sometimes in circles but then ends up in closets not being able to see how to get out or under tables. I know he needs a helmet if we keep this up!
Sleep tight, don't let the washcloth bite, Ren!


  1. Oh sweet Ren!! I'd let him sleep there too -- he's looks comfy enough!! You made me chuckle picturing poor Ren with a crash helmet on his little head!

  2. Sleep tight little buddy. Sometimes we just need to be in different surroundings to feel comfortable.

  3. yep, he has a routine though. Right at the strike of 11pm he will awaken and ramble back to find his water bowl. Just like clockwork then back to bed. And it has to be fresh water too, even if he already has some in the bowl. Yes, I know he is passed spoiled.
    A helmet may indeed be in store......maybe a toy one LOL

  4. Sweet sweet Ren. Whatever he wants whatever it takes..right mom?

  5. yep, working on his 17th year, he gets whatever he wants to make him happy.

  6. Sweet little Ren. He probably feels safe out of the way in the bathroom. And as long as he is comfortable who cares where he sleeps.

    I used to have a bed (cushion) in each room for my old girl. Only problem was the cat loved to make her get up so she could sleep on it instead. :)

  7. Pets do the darndest things! S

  8. What a little furry treasure! I had a cat that lived to be 21 1/2 years old. When I see little Ren, he reminds me of my elderly baby. Maybe the bathroom is a little warmer. Those old furry babies know how to find the warmest place in the house.


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