Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lesson for Today

This is me now after handling so much this week.

I'm pooped out but hope to get into a better week next week. I learned today to follow my heart. It's alot stronger than I ever thought possible. Although weary and worn and Monday work week is here again, Bring it on, baby! Bring it on!
There are higher powers in control and that cannot be denied.
So, I sleep tonight knowing that there's always a tomorrow and we will make it through the day.
I've learned so much from friends here in this blog, the comments and encouragements and just want to thank you for all your hope you bring. I needed to be reminded to never lose hope.
Never, ever lose hope.


  1. Never lose HOPE and always have FAITH that HE is always there to hold you up..... So are your friends also there to give you a shoulder or an ear!

  2. As I told you before you are a very strong woman.Cheer up!!!

  3. Hope coupled with faith will take one far.

  4. You just have to believe in the higher powers. Faith will carry you a long way.

  5. I hope things look better for you every day. Mom used to say that life is an endurance test. She was right.


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