Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet things come in small packages

They always say good things come in small packages! And here are a few to share.
A small ornie that is awaiting a star charm in the mail to attach to the top of the tree. I finished it this morning. This is another design by The Sampler Girl in the Kitty Kringle Christmas Book. I loved it when I saw it because it reminds me of Thomas, our cat. He is an orangey tabby cat. So, this year, I will add this ornie to the tree.

Opened my mail goodies and felt a wee bit of guilt but I ordered these 2 items for Christmas......for me. I know, I'm probably the only one out there that gets themselves Christmas presents too........ But this is the first time I have a Sajou product. From France.
The Sampler Girl's webshop has some beautiful Sajou scissors and these goodies. Don't think I can afford the scissors but I did love this thread card and the scissor pack I got from her webshop. If I could choose the scissors from Sajou, I would pick the Mother or Pearl handled ones. I have looked at those now for a year and they are absolutely beautiful but pricey pricey.
I feel like I'm stitching in luxury now. Isn't it beautiful?
I already plan to sort out my threads for my road trip next week for a Dutch sampler.
This will be perfect for it.

This is the other side of it. I just love! love it, love it!

And this is the scissor keep which has a band of linen at the top with a brillent blue material.
I will monogram a "D" here and keep my scissors in it. Which pair? Whatever pair I'm using at the time. I do love this blue.

About a month ago I visited the Bath, England, Jane Austen Centre that she had on her site and just got this needlebook. I was surprised by the small size but it's oh, so pretty! I think they randomly choose the pattern of flowers and the inside fabric and I couldn't have asked for anything better than tulips on the outside here!

She has them available for sale on her webshop as well. This is the felt page for my needles.

And the pretty, inside fabric.

I just like to sit and hold and stare at it. A small and tiny treasure for sure!
The is the needlebook folded out on the back. The verse is the same on all the needlebooks and is a Jane Austen quote.
The Jane Austen Centre also had this for sale and for a good price. It's sterling silver and has Peridot gems in it. The size is huge for my finger, even too big for my thumb so I've got to find a jeweler to size it down at least 2 sizes. Peridot is the birthstone for August and even with all the jewelry I have I have never gotten Peridot before. This will be special as this is Aaron's birthday month.
I couldn't get a clear up-close picture as you can see.......however,

I just spoke to Santa and I think.......I THINK! he is considering bringing me a new camera this year............Please, Santa, please!


  1. If I was Santa I would definitely bring you a new camera. I have to let you know that the Sajou scissors are not Mother of Pearl but white plastic. Hate to burst your bubble but I still really really want them anyway.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  2. *can't remember if I already said this or just thought to*

    These are all really nice little treasures, but my favorite is the cat ornie! Too cute! :D

  3. Patti, I found that out a few months ago about the mother-of pearl scissors not being real and that was one extra reason why I didn't spend the money but I so love them. They still look like real mother of pearl, don't they? ;)

    I also like the tortoise shell ones made just like them but they are probably not real either. But again, oh so pretty!



  4. Oh what fun! Great new treasures. Enjoy!

  5. I'm sure you've been especially good this year and deserve all those sweet treats! Perhaps you'll have a pair of Sajou scissors to carry in your scissor case someday!!!


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