Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thus far and still cutting.......

For the past 2 hours we have written out the names and cut into pieces. Body Guard is helping. We are both enjoying this! A few are added at the last minute and that's completely fine.
We have a big pile of names here. Can't wait till midnight to see which one is drawn!
Keep the names coming!!!


  1. Wow!, it's a great amount of people, glad you're having fun, I saw my name there :D, hehehehe

  2. Ohhh so fun to see!! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!!


  3. What fun--you're really cutting them out and writing them by hand! What a wonderful Christmas activity! You might decide to do this again (but maybe smaller scale on the gifts!) as a yearly tradition. :D It seems kinda like taking something from the salvation army tree, only for an adult! Who says kids are the only ones who can have fun at Christmas with treats! It is so nice that BG is helping you out and you guys can do this together. I tried to get Dear Marc to help me make pomander balls a little after Thanksgiving but he wouldn't be interested! I had been counting on the awl (a tool) to tempt him into it, lol!


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