Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Chi's and Me

Abbie looks at me sadly when I sit to stitch. She wants to play. Only once has she grabbed a skein of DMC floss and run across the room to hide it in her blanket. She picked an olive green color. This position at my stitching chair may have to do with Chex mix........I said may........hehehehehe

Ren is found turning in circles under the tree blindly. He asked Santa for Rogaine this year. The 4% men's solution.

His sweater is in the laundry and I'm going to find a Tshirt right now after looking at this.
He loves clothes! He probably feels quite naked right now.
We just got back from a Christmas dinner and there was quite a spread of food. I ate more than enough. Homecooked, down to earth, Southern style food! I made Ren a plate of leftovers and he really, really liked the dressing, mac and cheese and turkey. Note to self: do not try to wear a new brand of panty hose in control top in one size too small the day of a Christmas dinner.

Abbie wants me to hold her permanently in my left hand. She is a very curious little thing. She leans here and there looking intently on anything moving that closely resembles a tail.
A most embarrassing moment last night was that she went under the Christmas tree and .......well, got a small Teddy Bear slightly bigger than her and she decided it was her boyfriend! OMG! She is too young for this already! Bodyguard and I were in shock when she ran across the room with this bear while we were watching TV and really got up and close. Now, I'm planning a party for Sunday and I'm going to have her starting this! Oh no!

No, she will be in my hand like a little angel.........until she hits the floor and gets the teddy bear!

She really is getting alot of longer hair behind her ears. Ren is envious.......LOL
On her list this year is a pretty pink doggie bed. She will definitely be a Diva then. I'm glad I got her some doggie clothes because she is going on our trip to Chicago and this past week they had a heat wave of 34 during the day. One day last week was a high of 14 degrees I heard. Yikes!

Hey, I'm getting pretty doggone (no pun intended) good at taking these pics myself holding the camera in one hand, dog in another! :0


  1. She is a darling little dog! But definitely to young for a love interest! Thank you for the sweet Christmas card! Who knows when mine will go out....

  2. too cute for words.

  3. Aww, you know how I love your Chihuahuas!


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