Sunday, September 13, 2009

My bedtime prayer

I got a chance to meet some more military moms today. You could cut a knife through the pain in the air. I found this prayer on the Internet tonight which says alot to me.

Mom Be Bold

by Roger J. Robicheau

Dedicated to Moms of our military...

I may clutch a picture of my child
Go in that room of memories wild

Thoughts come with me wherever I go
Prayers often lead my way, you know

My young one has left to be so brave
The hero of my heart, gone to save

At times I want to reach out and hold
But I know the answer, Mom be bold

The love of my child is part of me
So strong and good, it will always be

Nurtured in life with a caring heart
This child to me is a work of art

Dear God you know how my love is true
I’ve prayed for my soldier, more I’ll do

And to mothers who live their life as I
We’ll grow in support, our flag raised high

Together we’ll get through each new day

Becoming great friends, God Bless our way

©2002 Roger J. Robicheau

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