Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's next in my stitching basket.........a sweet pillow keep

I've been piddling around today on my day off and the weather is conducive for creative thinking and cozy thoughts. I have put together my colors a little, well alot, differently for the Fall atmosphere! This pillow keep is called Sweet Things from The Sampler Girl. I love the colors in the pattern and actually have the Belle Soie silks for it but I changed out for the season.

I have a fat quarter here from the quilt shop in Dahlonega, The Common Thread from my last visit (this past weekend). I just loved it when I saw it! So primitive and cozy to me. The house here reminds me of our house in the color scheme.

I'm using Crescent Colors Just Rust and La Tierra for the colors, stitched with a little love from my Love Scissors here.........

And pulled some Autumn Leaves 30 ct linen from my stash for the front of the pillow keep.

Just seemed so fitting for this time of year!
The verse is quite sweet ~~~~ It is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones afterall.
The chart states this is from Little House on the Prairie which I dearly loved myself when I was little. I think I read every one of those books at least once!
Hope you are having a great Thursday! Me.....I'm just watching out the window every now and again for the UPS guy to see if my frame will come today........
Till later,


  1. Sweet project Jennifer. And I absolutely love that fabric - perfect backing!! Hope that you're enjoying your day off. Did it stop raining yet??

  2. Yes, I have enjoyed doing.....nothing......reading and lounging and making a bigger mess of my stitching stuff! LOL

    No, it looks even darker out there now. So miserable.
    I'm debating on taking that usual evening walk with an umbrella tonight after supper. Hmmmm.......

    speaking of supper.........

  3. I admire all your projects and stitching talents. Sadly, I'm not blessed with the talent or patience.

    Ever stitch something with Chihuahuas?


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