Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Sip of Tea for Me......please

On our Pigeon Forge trip recently, I got some herbs for tea. I frequently make my own tea with paper tea bags. Just a mix of this and that.........maybe that's root medicine........don't know but anyway, I love the lavender and rosemary especially. 1 tsp of each steeped for about 5 minutes and very relaxing......
I need that because I learned a lesson today about pinkeeps. I cut the pink fabric too small.......the pink side where I stitched......yikes! I noticed that the material must be larger than the batting and board........about 2 minutes after cutting it. So, that meant cutting down the acid free board again. Body guard helped me alot at the mat board...(shush, don't tell anybody.....LOL) He's extra good at measuring. Geometry was never my strongest subject in school.....LOL
Anyways, I've cut out the batting, board, backing fabric and now I'm going to sip on some lavender and rosemary tea while I figure out how to fix this. I have tacky glue and I definitely learned my lesson keeping the stitched piece larger than the other pieces.......I know, duh!


  1. Jennifer, where do you get your tea bags? I buy loose tea and have strainers, but using it at work can be a little "cluttery" on my desk.


  2. Thanks for this good tip/reminder, Jennifer!
    Hugs, Deb

  3. Hi Debbie
    I got my tea bags at The Barron Teahouse in Clarksville, Georgia.
    It's a neat tea shop right on the square there.
    I like teabags vs. strainer as the leaves are not loose and it still keeps the herbals.


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