Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learning something new

Tonight after our usual 2 mile walk, hills included.....huh, huh, huh............

oh, now, caught my breath.........I am settling in and psyching myself up to finish the pinkeeps. I have not made a pinkeep so I am diligently reading Vonna's tutorial instructions at The Twisted Stitchers Tutorials ~~ Vonna Pfeiffer

where she has wonderful instructions on finishing stitching projects and makes this look easy but she is an expert here at finishing. Her tutorial website is great with pictures. I'm serious, it's the greatest blog!

Being the Virgo, perfectionist as I am, I'm sweating a little with anxiety about how mine will look when finished.

Got the ribbon. Check.

Got the Pink Pearlized pins. Check.

Almost finished the stitching on the second one. Check. (Hey, I stitched the entire 1st one during the Michael Jackson memorial in front of the TV! Finishing the second one tonight.......during a replay of the MJ memorial and investigation)

Got some matching fat quarter fabric at the quilt store yesterday for the backing. Check.

Got some white perle cotton thread. Check.

Got batting. Check. (This is kinda like "got milk?", instead "got batting?)

Got the Fraycheck. Check. (That's too many checks)

I need to just find some clothes pins to put on them while drying. I knew there was one more thing I need to look for. Yep, I'll just grab a few out of the clothes pin bag by the clothes line in the backyard....LOL....just joking......we really have a clothes dryer here even in the mountains...LOL

My day off is tomorrow. I will diligently work on this tonight and tomorrow. Setting a goal to finish and post pics by tomorrow night :)

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