Sunday, July 19, 2009

Insomnia thoughts........

I finished the pinkeeps tonight.....or this morning......LOL
And about to take a picture and my camera battery is dead. So, I will definitely charge it up so I can take pics later. On these, I definitely learned a little about the how to's and next time will finish better. They are quite cheerful though!

On to finishing the 1888 Ohio Quilt Posey next. I will frame this one. Then I have several I would like to start....oh my! decisions, decisions. I think I'm the only one that has not started the Mary Wigham sampler as I scroll through blogs today. Its' a beautiful sampler and have it on my "to do " list ;however, I have a few more that I would like to do before this one. I enjoy reading throught the Needleprint blog, the history, the richness of stitching that has been preserved for years.

I think my brain is about dead too right now as it's 2 am, so I will be getting some shut-eye soon. I'm already thinking about breakfast.

This morning I made some cinnamon rolls, the can kind and to give you an example of how good my hubbie is about eating anything I cook, he actually didn't know he was chewing on the metal top to the icing. This was a first for me leaving the top of the icing topper in the bottom of one of the rolls. I was commenting on how good and yummy they were with coffee and he kept chewing.......chewing very hard like the crust was quite crunchy and then he says to me "Wow, this is a chewy crust and then realized he was biting the metal topper" We both laughed so hard. He never complained and even left teeth marks on the metal piece! What a laugh.....
ok, now, I'm really going to bed...........insomnia has left me.


  1. OMgoodness! I can't believe he was eating that lid! :) I hope you received the package or at least by tomorrow (or someone told me a whopper..) I am going to try to make a pinkeep this afternoon. I may have to call and beg you for help!

  2. Michelle,
    hey, just woke up. Slept like a rock, now trying to find out where my camera battery charger is.
    Yes, I opened my package last night, came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to see the designs are GREAT!!!!!! I thought from the blog pic that there was one pattern in it and I got 5 of the Praire Schooler!!!! Also got the Windy Hill one and some freebies! That was sooooo sweet of you.
    I had planned to take a pic to put on the soon as this camera battery gets revived.
    Good luck with the pin keeps. They probably would have been a little better for me if I had left enough of the material to wrap around each board first but I will try another again one day.
    Yep, Bodyguard has worked almost all weekend. He had a meeting this morning due to an investigation and said "you want me to bring us back some breakfast? Really, I don't mind." "let me bring you back somthing".........funny. So, since he is meeting with someone for breakfast, he won't be chewing any lids today! LOL LOL
    will post goodies soon


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