Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random thoughts

The week is zipping by and here are a few thoughts I had today~~~~

Why does someone take my buggy cart at Walmart when I already have 4 items already in the cart? Do they like the same stuff I do?

Why does the second cart completely stop rolling at the back of the store with many items in it?

Why does my dog only eat dogfood if it has ketchup added to the top tonight?

Why is my husband having hot flashes instead of me?

Why does the President make top headlines pitching a baseball and the Afghanistan war is an afterthought today?

Why do I love the color pink so much?

Why did I crave Granny Smith green apples and movie popcorn tonight.......at the same time?

Why can't I organize my stitching stash? Is it just plain more fun to stir into the colors to choose my threads?

Why are the new Walmarts discontinuing the sewing/craft sections completely now?

Why do cars make the gas tank on different sides of the car? Why is my previous car on the left and now on the right? There has to be a logical reason.....I'm just not mechanical and wonder why.

Why do I always ask why?


  1. You are so funny! I've thought things like that too. Makes you wonder why we do that. About the shopping cart though - I had an experience where I just wasn't paying attention and took off with someone's (was it yours?). I felt like a darned fool after - lugging a cart around with someone else's goodies and not remembering where I found it so that I could return it to the poor person.

  2. The word "why".....when someone asks why, you try to explain as if you were a teacher. When you ask "why" its because we are trying to learn, a person should always be trying to learn no matter how old they get. I learn something new every day. Only the uninformed stop asking why, course then they are led like sheep.
    Over the door of a building I once read "Seek the true and you shall remain free".

  3. I consciously am aware now that the long commute to and from work creates the perfect conditions for many random thought!!! LOL


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