Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Politically Speaking

Click above for article. The first two sentences of it makes me shiver.

I know this is not a political blog and I'm so trying to keep my political views to myself, but I have blisters on my mouth from biting my tongue reading this tonight and hearing the news. I want to say "Wake up America!" I can't figure who wrote this article in the Afghanistan Sun online paper but it's worth reading. While we are all sitting by the pools, eating hamburgers and enjoying summertime lemonade, casualities are going up in Afghanistan and the picture is not a good one.

The economy situation, jobless rates, all of this is oblivious to some folks. This amazes me.
Whoever wrote the song "God Bless America", thank you. We need it. Our future depends on now.

I can't help but remember all the things parents do when kids are little to protect them from accidents, injuries, car seats, seat belts, no drunk-driving lectures, no staying out past midnight, dating and then all of a sudden, you can't protect them any more and people are shooting at them 24-7. The feeling is overwhelming sometimes! It's utter helplessness of the first degree.

When I read in the headlines about Britain and that 3 --- 18 year olds are brought back this week in caskets, I can't imagine what their parents are thinking right now nor want to be in their shoes. When I read several articles about the slow response of the supplies to troops, it's very discouraging to say the least.

I hope the President stops posing for pictures and pitching in baseball games and we get serious about the what, when and how or either get out of this mess.

I get people that tell me all the time, "oh, honey, it's all in God's hands and you just have to not worry about it". That's easy for folks who have either no kids or young children who are not old enough to be in the combat zone. So forget the outlet covers, the seatbelts, carseats, life jackets, etc., it doesn't matter now if people are shooting at them. And in reading the headlines everyday, the situation is not getting better. So again, God Bless America.

ok, I feel better now.........

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