Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Stitching

Today has been quite a day. Some issues that can't be discussed here but quite somber took up our afternoon and evening. Hubbie is quite supportive and so I am lucky in that respect. I'm glad to have his hand to hold through hard times.

I did get to work on the 1888 Ohio Quilt Posey by The Sampler Girl this morning. I love the colors. The time has gone faster with the pattern holder that I got this week. No more fumbling with patterns to find my place every few minutes. As soon as I find the perfect ribbon for the Pinkwork Pinkeeps, I will go back to finishing those. Otherwise, I will continue on this one and bat around in my mind just how I'm going to complete it, either framing or pillowkeep, or pinkeep........??????? Haven't decided yet.

Well, vacation is officially over as it's midnight and here I am up again late. I said that I would go to bed early tonight but .......didn't happen.
Learning yoga is becoming a more entertaining idea.
Hope your week has a good start tomorrow!

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