Saturday, July 25, 2009

My stitching stand, clip and qsnap

I've had a couple inquiries on what kind of stand I use for stitching. Sometimes I don't use this stand but alot of times I do to simply relieve pressure from my left arm, shoulder, and neck as I have cervical disc issues. The stand came from Ebay (also known as the Bay of Evil by Deb! LOL) last year. I'm not sure on a brand name on this one but it's very travel friendly. Of course I wouldn't take it everywhere but it usually resides by my chair now next to my magnifying light.

Last year, you can see I attached a larger qsnap working on the Quaker Christmas design.

The first pic is a closeup of the pattern clip. I just got this at a stitching shop in Pigeon Forge. I use is to hold the patterns up. The front side of the clip is transparent. I love it! If I am traveling and use the qsnap only it just clips on the frame or whereever something is nearby.


  1. Oh thanks Jennifer! That is a very cool stand, thanks for taking the time to show us. I am gonna look around for one, as I think it will help a lot with my shoulder pain.

    I am now a regular follower of your blog :) I just love it.

  2. Cool! Hope you find one. Seriously, on Ebay sometimes you can find really good buys as some people are just trying to sell estate items or their stash.
    Shoulder pain is very painful, I know. I don't travel alot but I have just folded it up and put it in the trunk with my luggage on a short trip before. I definitely got my 15.00 out of it!



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