Thursday, July 23, 2009

My needlework around the house

Well, Tanya's blog got me to thinking about taking pics around my house where I have my needlework scattered. I have a couple of other seasonal designs around my house during the holidays. So, here goes............
here is a project I finished my first year of college. The letter J for Jennifer! The backing was handstitched brown cordoroy. Its pretty old but still a treasure.

Here is a wall grouping in the master bedroom.
Here are some really old pics, I completed these in high school actually and stored them in my hope chest. I used them in my kitchen since then. So they are pretty old too. They are 22 over 1 and several fruits. This is beside my pantry and the door to the basement level.

Back to the master bedroom where I have the Rose Cottage.

This was stitched in 1983 and also stored in my hope chest and was in my first apartment.

Dining room. This bench is about 2o years old.

Closer up views

My love for Delft! and our fireplace which brings many many warm cozy evenings in the Fall and Winter. The Amsterdam piece is on the right.

This is one in my hallway that was completed by Meghan a long time back. That was before she thought I wasn't her best friend! LOL

This sits on my windowsill in the family room.

Another finish this year sits on top of my TV armoire right next to Brandon's pic.

Grouping in the family room. The tatting lace pic on the right completed by my 90 year old mother in law.

This is not so good in coloring but a picture that I stitched for Bodyguard when we were dating. We both like wolves. I had wrote a poem on the back of the picture, 1999. This is in one of the bedrooms that has rustic flair!

Upstairs bathroom over the towel rack. We refinished this last year and it has an old fashioned pedestal sink next to the flowers.

Again, the coloring of the camera not good but this is another piece I stitched 5 years ago and its on the canoe bookshelf in the rustic bedroom.

With Brandon's picture when he was a little feller.

The canoe shelf

This picture will have to be reframed. I completed it 2 years ago and did not use blocking or matting board. Of course the tension now has loosened so I will be stretching this one again and using the matting board. It's hanging in the upstairs hallway.

This is one in Meghan's room or guest room.....whichever. I stitched this in 1988 during my pregnancy with her.

This is the whole design. The glare on the glass is not so good but..........I was on bedrest with this pregnancy for about 3 months, so I had alot of time to stitch.

Thisdutch girl quilt was handmade by my aunt and it was a gift to me when Meghan was born. This is the pinkwork pinkeeps sitting on the night stand in Meghan's room. There are lots of pink roses in this room so this is their temporary home

A Bent Creek design in the stairwell.

A shelf with a few recent finishes.

Overall, I love the handmade items sprinkled around the house.


  1. I think the needlework adds to the warm and welcoming look of your home!

  2. What a completely gorgoeus and beautiful home you have :)
    Your needlework just makes it that much more beautiful and cozy!

  3. Thanks so much! I do like decorating!
    There seems to be such a personal touch that needle art brings to a home, for any needleworker's home, that many modern upscale houses just can't match. I love homey stuff! I don't think I could be a city girl with alot of modern upscale decor. But everyone's different.......
    thanks again.


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