Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Sky sampler verse

There is beyond the Sky

A Heaven of Joy and Love

And holy Children when they die

Go to the world above.

From a sampler by Deborah Green, Massachusetts, 1784


  1. I saw your comment on Miss Jane's blog about your shoulder pain....I have just gone through a shoulder incident from stitching and I was wondering what stand you have.

    Your blog is gorgeous!


  2. Hi Karyn,
    Thanks for visiting!
    I got lucky on Ebay last year and paid only 15.00 for a wooden stitching stand that is movable and has clamps at the top so you can move your frame up and down or back (to clip threads). I just clamp any size Qsnap frame to it and it's ready to go. I had a picture of it several months ago and will try to post a pic. I don't see a name brand on it or anything but it's made of hardwood it appears.
    See, this way the stand is holding your frame vs. you holding it. While the frames are not that heavy, evidently the position and the mild weight can over time, cause shoulder issues.
    Sometimes I don't use the stand but its a little taxing.
    I'll go get a pic and post if I can find one.


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