Friday, July 24, 2009

Going for a walk........Friday evening

Friday evenings are usually tiresome. We both meet back at the house after a long day of work and after trying to please a thousand folks at work, we are tired and here we are. for each other. The whole world is put aside as we travel down the road to our house and we are once again released from the pressures of the world.

We each let that go at the mailbox as we enter our dirt driveway. Our house is a refuge now for each other.

At least 3-4 nights a week, mostly 5, we walk about 2 miles for exercise. Just plain good common sense for middle age folks! LOL Its'a great stress reliever and keeps us healthy.

Our Labs know when it's time for us to walk. They run to the back of our house, peak in the window and show a great amount of interest for our evening time. We have a dog Charlie, that comes down the road and shows great interest in leading the way.

We smile at how we finally got Charlie to trust us. He didnt' let anyone, even neighbors down the road, touch or pet him as he was obviously abused in the past and scared for anyone to get near him.

But about 3 weeks ago, Charlie let me for the first time pet him and he loved it ever since. He comes down the road to our house at time to walk and greets us. Then he travels ahead, usually sides with Ruby, and has a doggie smile, while we walk.

Ruby is the one that runs off at the side as we walk and we have to call her alot. Charlie, honestly, I thought, for a long time would never let anyone come near him. Now, he lets me pet him and hug him. I'm so glad. Bodyguard takes lead as I usually give out of breath by the first hill. Raven lags behind with me. Here are a few pics of our walk this evening. The evenings here in the mountains are cool and relaxing.
We make sure we get back to the house by dark as there are lots of bear sitings here.
Someone stopped us down the road tonight to let us know they saw a bear at the top of the road this morning at 8:30am looking through trash. That's scarey!
That's one thing I make sure since I moved to the country. No walking outside after dark.........I'm serious. Very serious. We have coyote, bear, snakes, anything. I stay in.

Thomas stays behind and guards the house.....LOL He greets us at the top of the road when we return. He is secretly wishing for a bowl of cold milk this evening......... his dream is for a mouse or a frog to flurry by him. He just LOVEs to bring us the remains of a mouse on the doormat. He is so proud! I usually scream!

During our walk, the dogs, Raven, Ruby, and Charlie find a water fountain and he turns it on for them to drink for a midwalk refreshment.

This cow is cement and in a yard down the road. Our dogs, Raven and Ruby always go sniff it's butt like it was real. Go figure! A funny site indeed!

This is my best friend, Dot's house.

And there are lots of lovely mushrooms budding in the woods. I'm not kidding, they get the size of dinner plates around our house!

Ok, here are the guys and girls.

This is Charlie when He comes down the road to our house at night.

ok, here is my dog, Raven. She is out of breath and has enjoyed her walk.


  1. I worry about the coyotes too! We have been hearing more and more of them at night. They make quite a ruckus!

  2. I saw a coyote only once and man do they run fast!
    Yep, we have had bear before even on the porch one night. We flicked the light on the front porch to take Ren out and there was this huge bear eating old Mexican food out of the trash that left on the porch in a bag till we took it down the road. Well, we never left one on there again! But he just saw us and ran off.

  3. It's so rewarding to gain the trust of an abused animal. They only want to be loved.


  4. Hi Tommye! Just visited your blog today and went to see your beading. I love your work. I'm really thinking hard about those scissor fobs that are pink and dark navy blue with the matching pins. Oh my! They are pretty !


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