Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picture of a Finished S. Bottomley 1827

Here is the website picture of the finished Sarah Bottomley sampler 1827, from the Scarlett Letter. Enjoy! http://www.scarlet-letter.com/rsdescr/19thengl/bottomley.htm

Today is my off day this week and I enjoyed sleeping in and waking up to snow. However, its sunny and not sticking to the ground. Even so, while I took Ren out this morning, it was fun watching the snow fall. Our animals are still getting over us leaving for 5 days! I think Raven is coming around but she is really the dramatic one and didn't hardly eat while we were gone. She slept so hard on Sunday all day. I don't think she slept or ate while we were gone.
Ren came back from boarding at the vet and he also is a baby and almost theatrical at meal times. But, he just ate his "Honey and Oats" cereal and now happy. Although he is blind, he relies heavily on me turning the oven on and especially if bread is cooking and also, he listens for me starting to load the dishwasher after we eat. He suddenly quits whining, knows supper is over. Its hilarious actually. He will be 16 years old in September. He will become catatonic to the word T_R_E_A_T!!!!! So, we have decided if we think he is ill or passed out in the future, we will say the word TREAT and this will revive him!! LOL
Have a great day and stay warm and safe on this chilly Spring day.


  1. Hi Jennifer - Thanks for posting the link - I hadn't gotten over to look at it yet. I think it's a great sampler - not too small and not too big. Some of SL's samplers are really involved. I'm working on An Ideal Lanscape Sampler (it's an old WIP - started it in 1990 - gulp) and Ann Medd from them now (and have more waiting in the wings. I used to get the fabric from them, but I didn't like the stiffness of it, so now I use my own, but you're right about the silks - wonderful, wonderful to work with. I'd use them all the time, but sometimes just to cut costs I'll still use the good old DMC. Can't wait to see more of the your WIP!

  2. That'll be a gorgeous sampler. Looks like lots of fun, and who doesn't love stitching with silk??


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