Sunday, April 5, 2009

A night time prayer

A Soldier's Prayer

© By Jesse J. Sparks

It's time to sleep I've been relieved
My rifle at my side My knife in it's sheath
Lord let me live another day
As I put myself in harms way
I made my choice, I took the oath
I stand for freedom, but I don't boast
My God, my country, my family
The things I hold so dear
With these all on my side
There's nothing for me to fear
But if I should fall before my next relief
I will stand before you Lord with honor and dignity
So, while I'm here please make me strong
To fight the battles and right what's wrong

God Bless America

What You Believe
© By Zachary T. Anderson

Leaving the places you know,
To fight for what you believe,
You want to defend your home,
You also don't want to leave...
They're sending you overseas,
Where for your country you will fight,
For the peoples freedom and our flag,
And everything you believe is right...
The red, white, and blue,
Are the colors for which you stand,
The fifty stars and thirteen stripes,
Representing your homeland...
The peace at home is disrupted,
And now you have to go away,
But remember that we miss you,
And think about you day by day...
You stand ever so brave,And for us you fight,
Through the burning, hot day,
And the freezing, cold night...
Our men overseas,Keeping us protected,
Walk through a land,Where we are not accepted...Only your will,Will drive you on,
Through the war,From dusk 'till dawn...Just come back soon,
And be with us again,We pray that this war,
Will soon come to an end...

Brandon, I hope you are doing well, getting the best training and do know we are praying for you.

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