Friday, April 10, 2009

What a Friday!

Well, today was very, very much so this week that the boss bought everybody lunch (and that's alot of folks) today. The weather is turned from rainy to stormy......bad storms. I didn't realize and when I was driving home I turned the radio on and entered more and more dark clouds. As I type, the storms are so bad that we have the radio on and the Bodyguard is assessing constantly the updates. He is wired and I am tired. The weather channel is not promising for these storms. Tornado watch is out now. There was much hail here. Ren is waiting out storm.


  1. Aw, your poor dog looks like he's hiding and I guess I would too with the weather that you're getting. Hope that everything blows over and the lights stay on so you can stitch! Tornado warnings are so frightening!! Take care!

  2. Good luck with your stormy weather. Keep your heads down and stay safe!

  3. Yes, Ren gets anxious alot with storms. Right after I got this picture and the weather got even worse, I held him and he really whines terribly during bad weather. The storm finally passed but evidently we had the same tornado stuff that caused casualities in Tennessee yesterday.
    I was crossing my fingers that it didn't hail on my car as about 3 years ago I had a car totalled with hail damage. Luckily we do have a basement. I guess this is the time of the year for these storms.


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