Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Meaning of Easter to Me

On Easter, as most holidays (and every day actually), I think about Aaron Franklin, my first-born child who ,years ago ,unfortunately passed away. Easter to me is a holiday that is a reminder that we will be with those that are in heaven one day. This poem is in memory of him today:

Death of a Child
by Sandy Eakle

Sorry I didn't get to stay.
To laugh and run and play.
To be there by your side.
I'm sorry that I had to die.

God sent me down to be with you,
to make your loving heart anew.
To help you look up and see
Both God and little me.
Mommy, I wish I could stay.
Just like I heard you pray.
But, all the angels did cry
when they told little me goodbye.

God didn't take me cause He's mad.
He didn't send me to make you sad.
But to give us both a chance to be
a love so precious .. don't you see?
Up here no trouble do I see
and the pretty angels sing to me.
The streets of gold is where I play
you'll come here too, mommy, someday.

Until the day you join me here,
I'll love you mommy, dear.
Each breeze you feel and see,
brings love and a kiss from me.

Here's hoping that everyone has a good Easter weekend.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I know there is nothing any one of us can say to help your healing heart no matter how many years ago it was when your child passed away.
    I know my mom will never be the same when my sister passed away.
    I wish you peace and love.

  2. I'm so, so sorry, Jennifer. Unfortunately, I understand perfectly how you feel on holidays, as well as other days during the year. It's always sad to know that someone else is missing a child. I'm hoping you're finding some peace today.


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