Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Madness

Well, I'm just getting home from a Monday madness, I call it. At work we have electronic medical records and this morning around 9:30 am all the lights and computers shut off......nothing but darkness and I am trying to do pelvic exams with a flashlight.....honestly..........with no records. This was difficult to say the least.

The lights were off for nearly 2 hours. The backup generator cut on, but only the hall lights.

There was alot of confusion and we finally caught up with the paperwork late this evening.

Evidently there were strong winds and storms. The wind was so strong that car alarms were going off in the parking lot from the cars shaking. Boy, is this a stormy week!

It's that time of year, though, for storms.

I want to do some stitching but I have rested my arm........having some recurrent nerve problems and numbness in my left little fingers and up to my neck. I had ulner nerve surgery 2 years ago and I thought it was fixed but, I recently strained my arm and since, I have progressively noticed weakness and tingling again. I'm going to take something for the muscle spasms and see if I can stitch something tonight, even if I'm slower.
Whew! Deep breath....I wish I had some stitching progress today but none to report.
Here's to a Monday!

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