Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday cleaning

Did I say it's hot in this spot on the map?  No complaints though. I prefer warmth than those bitterly cold, joint-aching days for these old bones.

I had several questions on The Frame Guys. Their shop is on EBAY not ETSY.  I'll try to send a link in a few.

My friend Dot called. She is happy in her new place and I'm so happy for her. She has left some things to pick up, and her son is coming soon to the house down the road. She wanted to know if I wanted her beautiful mahogany armoire and we are planning an outing to go look at that (probably will get it for office space in BG office) and then to the Dairy Queen!!!! I've been craving a Butterfinger Blizzard for days now.

Lots of cleaning going on this week. This morning, I thought I had finally got ALL my threads organized but in cleaning found some more in bags. Gosh, I stash and made a mess from my last few projects.

But I feel so much better getting this all organized. Takes away from stitching time but clutter makes my stress level climb so, gotta get it together, as one of my friends says to me!

Next, this evening, more cleaning in my office space downstairs. New computer, new printer and may curl up with a good book this evening on the sofa down there because it's HOT, HOT outside!

Hope your Sunday is as restful and productive as ours. We are amazed at how much of a pac rat we both are. I just look at BG's office space and sigh.  Long sighs. I think he has cord for every object known to man.

I hear thunder. Oh no!

Best run to get a bite to eat before heading out on errands.

Have a great afternoon!

I'm in an adventuresome mood.

Talk later,


  1. EBAY!!!!! Duh!
    found them.

  2. just think how much better it will all be once organised :) love the sound of the armoire lucky you :) love mouse xxx

  3. Sounds like a busy day to me. I love your pic at the end!!

  4. Oh, you're so thin, I'm jealous!!! I have to admit to being a pack rat too. I keep stuff just in case I may need it some day, and I blessed myself for it when I moved. I had lots of boxes and bubble wrap for when I moved, lol. My Dairy Queen is gone! There used to be one right up the road from me, but something new is there now. I was sooooo ticked off by that. I want a blizzard, but I'm not going twenty miles to get one!!!

  5. My floss is a mess too. I have a bunch of skeins just thrown into an old cake pan that I use next to my stitchin chair to hold whatever I'm done with and that I don't want to put away just yet. It does feel so good to get it put away! I just don't know how to organize them in a good way right now. I bought the DMC Stitchbow system a few years ago and while the 'bows' are great, I don't like the pages you are supposed to slide them into. *sigh* Maybe the cake pan isn't such a bad idea after all. :)

  6. I am so bad about not putting threads back where they belong after finishing a project. Then I have to go through lots of little bags looking for something that I know I have. Staying organized would be so much better!

  7. Great catching up with you...haven't been blog reading for awhile. Love your new frame and the story about that darling Abbie losing her tooth. lol

    Many blessings - Julie

  8. I am in the midst of cleaning and throwing away many things, including school papers I haven't used in a while and clothes I haven't worn. I also have made a decision to only stitch what I already own and not buy any new project, a few caveats included. I have made some very conscious decisions to organize my life.

  9. Gorgeous pictures of you Jennifer. Thank god it's not hot here. It's winter here - and today is a sunny day which means nice warm weather.
    Sounds like the rest of your day will be busy :)
    And if I was you I wouldn't look too much as BG's sanctuary. My husband is the same and there are things in life one cannot That is one of them...the amount of remotes another one. Ships automatically with men

  10. Could you send some warm weather here to Ireland to me please... at the moment we've rain and its still so cold... we did get some dry weather last week and I had a huge tidy up in the garden, still more to do but its a wonderful feeling looking around seeing a neat and tidy place and now I can stitch to my hearts content. I hope you enjoy getting back to your stitching to.

  11. We don't get many HOT days up here in Northern Maine, and I am still waiting on mine. Do love your frame. I'll have to check them out.


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