Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Best Framers I've Experienced for my own Stitching finishes

I've mentioned this company in particular before. I do  not have any commission or reasons to gain from this, but because in this economy, I try to save when I can and not diminsh quality, I frame my own stitching.

Ebay has a shop, The Frame Guys, who I've done business with for 3 years and NEVER been disappointed with their service, quality, prices are excellent, and I've even talked on the phone once when the size was wrong with the "guy" and he was so cordial and actually answered the phone without having to leave messages and such. Communication and price is superb.

This morning the mail lady UPS brought the package from a frame I ordered specifically for How  Great Thou Art sampler that I designed 2 weeks ago. It's a small design and will be a quickie to stitch but I got this from in a rustic "Loden/ dark sage" color green, with it has a rustic appeal and freshly finished ( I can still smell the paint when I opened it), I did  another happy dance from the Frame guys!

They package VERY well, so no dings.

After this bubble wrap is removed, they have a fine plastic wrap around the frame.

This is like a dark sage green, rustic
The border is larger and I thought that would compliment the small design. 3 inch border.

glass is included with a hanger as well

the back of it. It's SOLID wood

this one I picked to be knotty pine and rustic. They have thinner moldings and many, many other designs.

A heavy, solid wood frame for a  freebie I put on the blog 2 weeks ago 

How Great Thou Art
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

I just wanted to share this with those who may be trying to save a few pennies and venture into framing your own work.


  1. Hi Jennifer. I appreciate your sharing this information. I am trying to get my spending on stitching under control, by looking through my stash, organizing my fabric, and threads. I am definitely going to look into these frames. My Mother learned how to frame, and I am going to try that too. Framing, even a small piece, is astronomical. I don't know if I'm brave enough to frame large pieces, but I have a few small pieces finished that I may try. By the way, how do you get the great fonts and bright blue color on your blog?

  2. I use Google Blogger's Template Designer to design my blog. Just click and play with the different ones, with the colors too. It's fun!

    For as framing, it's really easier than it looks, especially if you cover with glass. I had one large piece professionally framed one time and I was well pleased with it but I almost stroked at the cost. LOl So I really don't have a choice as I'm not rich enough to afford professional framing every time I frame something. just saying.....I know there are excellent framers out there but to me, it's work it to do it myself and save.


  3. Thank you for sharing your framing information. It is becoming so expensive to have any of my needlework framed, so I am considering learning to do it myself. Your framing information is very helpful.

  4. Thanks for the information Jennifer. I too cannot frame everything. I have finished pieces (unframed) in my finished pieces box. Thanks for the information on the blog. I keep working on mine. I love the look of yours.

  5. 25 years ago I worked in a frame shop so I know framing is not as hard as it looks. I have framed several of my own things in the past, but I'm lucky enough to have a great frame shop nearby. They framed a large piece for me recently and I was so very pleased with it and the price that I did a happy dance right in the shop.

  6. Yeah, its WAY out of my budget to get a professional framer. I did that one time and almost stroked when I went to pick it up at the price.
    Looked great but couldn't do that again I don't think. In this economy especially.


  7. Thanks Jennifer. I'm going to check into this EBay shop. I really like the frame you chose.

  8. Thanks for the eBay tip. I plan to check these 'guys' out.

  9. Ha! Don't be shocked! I got in!! I'm definitely going to have to look into those frames. You got some fantastic ones. Only problem is that I hate framing my own things, but I know of someone that could do them for me!!

  10. Jennifer, I went to Etsy and tried to locate The Frame Guys and could not find their shop. Would you please send a link?


  11. I generally get my stuff framed at my local Hobby Lobby. They always do a fantastic job, and often have fifty percent off sales. I'd rather have the experts do it, as I'm afraid I'd mess it up!!

  12. Beautiful frame!! I frame my own pieces and will have to give them a try!

  13. I will check out this ebay shop - I've learned to do as many of my smaller pieces as I can, and get simple things from Frames Online. These that you've gotten look really nice! I'll still leave the Chatelaines and things like that to the pros - I don't have the space to work on those :)


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