Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving and grooving in the Summertime, to keep or not to keep

Today went VERY fast!  A bit on the tired side but oh so thankful to my friend Dot, who unfortunately moved (fortunate for her so I'm happy for her) but had some furniture that I was so very thankful for the opportunity to purchase from her.

In my never-ending nesting in our spot of the woods, I knew exactly where I would put these pieces. Right now, they are hanging out in the basement level which is undergoing a bit of reconstruction. Please excuse the mess surrounding the pieces but if you are like me and LOVE antiques and older colonial pieces of furniture, you will see why I did a happy dance!!!

Please excuse the mess around it (sigh)

Right off the dolly into the basement. I love it and will treasure it forever.
She has been so good to us in the past 8 years and is my Godmother. The armoire is old but in very good condition, as all her furniture is. Great storage space.

Three pieces of colonial pine furniture as well!

Basement floors still unfinished but sooner rather than later will be finished with something---anything at this point. ;)

There is another cabinet I simply couldn't photograph as it was in an awkward way off the truck. I plan to paint it and use it for storage as well.

See those big AC ducts above....yeppers, ALL of that is coming out in the next month as the AC unit is hanging on a thread for the 2 lower levels. Furnace is toast. So, the ductwork will be replaced as well, as the AC guy said that as old as it is, probably needs it plus the new furnace will be much smaller than our old, big one.

And so, the stimulus for me to continue to part with items to make room for a good cleaning before all this is taken down. Floors last. I can only imagine the mess this will all stir up, but it will be worth it in the end.

My office space also got a new computer and printer. It's about time to be able to rely on a printer better!

And that space of the basement is already my spot to study, do paperwork if needed, research, read, just hang out, etc.

I do have a bit of old patterns and Aida cloth pieces that I know I will not use as I stitch only on linen and I'm sighing between what to do with it. Where should it go?  Anybody still use Aida cloth and need some?
Interested in really old patterns? (I mean OLD!)
It has to go to a new home, if not, I will donate along with Body Guard's 1980 something "casual white dinner coat" and other stuff I have that should have left a good while ago.

Email me if you are interested. First come, first serve on the Aida pieces and old patterns. I will pay shipping. I still am working on the box I'm putting these in.

Last night I also got into organizing fat quarters and fabric and MAN, did I EVAH have lots of it!!!!

But that, dear friends, will stay close to home. ;)


  1. I might be interested in your Aida cloth and in your very old patterns!

  2. That cabinet is gorgeous. The tables are lovely too. :)

  3. oooohhh its really lovely :) and your other pieces are nice too :) good luck with the renovations with your AC mouse xxxx

  4. Your "new" furniture is just beautiful! I've sent you an email about the fabric. My niece is just starting to cross stitch and this would give her a great start on fabric and patterns.

  5. I wrote e-mail.
    God bless: Mammka

  6. I understand that the old furniture is very glad !!!!! I also use them.

  7. I am only an aida stitcher since I have trouble with my eyes. I would love to have more stash if you choose me.
    Cathy from KY

  8. Fabulous pieces of furniture!!

  9. Dearest Jennifer,

    You are a lucky girl for getting such a treasure of an armoir! Wow, those mirrors are so special; even the one at the top, left. I've never seen one like this. Drawers are great for stashing things.
    Are those mirrors also beveled? If so than that only adds to its beauty and value!
    Old things do have their charm and practical use and for you, very fond sentimental value too. That makes life worthwhile, the little (well, 'big') pleasures we encounter on our journey.
    Enjoy it and the other obstacles will get taken care of too. We've had so many surprises over the year but there is always a tomorrow; look at it positive and the shadow falls behind you.

    Lots of love,



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