Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue stitching

This is a Debbie Draper Design freebie I have pulled from my freebie drawer in the studio to stitch with Crescent Colors Blue Lagoon Belle Soie. This is for a RAK. I can't remember where I got this freebie but I think it was put into my bag at a Pigeon Forge cross stitch store at one time. I think. I pulled this fat quarter from my cabinet to back a pillowkeep for it. I think it goes well together. Monochromatic. Silk. 32 ct linen.

 It's just been a little bit of a blue week. I can't pinpoint it so much but life ebbs and flows and as I stitch this today watching the US start another war, it's just plain crazy.
That's just my opinion though and you know what opinions are worth. ;) 

So the tension of it may be a little tight as I wonder why the President went on vacation the day he announces military action in Lybia. We are in 3 wars now? How do you enjoy a vacation or even the First Lady enjoy vacation while major disasters influencing the US and starting a war are going on ? Wha?

A Pentagon briefing this afternoon without our Commander -in-Chief? Wha?

I can't explain it. I have to digress here or I'll start a whole page of thoughts...LOL

And I bought something blue this week, well first is the chihauhau book mark. I had to go to Petsmart for Miss Abigail and randomly saw this really-cool book mark which reminded me of Ren actually and it came home with me.

Ren used to hold his paw like this and this little one also has a longer nose like he had. Abbie has a short little nose but this really brought back some memories with Ren.

I won this on Ebay, for 5 bucks. Looks like an old pair of Ginghers, never used and they are beautiful.

I have no idea how old these are but the box itself is cardboard and Gingher is on the top.
I know now they are in metal tins.

But for 5 bucks, I think I did good!

Back to blue stitching.

They just announced US has started missiles now.

No words.
No.   Words.


  1. I love the new project. But I love the color blue. So anything Blue is great.
    I have to agree with your comments and yes, I have to keep my mouth shut or I could really speak my mind. I get so tired of the slow actions and stupid statements of our President and White House.

  2. I know whatcha mean. Your last sentence says my feelings on the matter. They should start making Where's Waldo prints but substitute his face because he dodges and hides more than anything I've ever seen.

  3. I love your blue project, and the troubles in this world are many and it is a heavy burden but we must help the innocent

  4. very pretty start!

  5. Love your blue project!

    Just shaking my head when it comes to the other matters!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Nice new start - who wouldn't like such a lovely blue

    Cute photo of you in the cowbay hat by the way

  7. Your blue stitching is pretty and appropriate. I have the blues today, too....

  8. I love your blue stitching - whatever influenced it.

  9. I love your new blue project....stitching with blue has always been a favorite of mine....couldn't agree with you more on the war front either...but again if I get started I would write a maybe I will start a blue project instead.....A good friend of my families is on the Ronald Reagan outside of Japan right now. In fact your Freedom pattern that you designed led me to your blog. I absolutely love it, because we will never forget all the sacrifices these people (and their families make).Thanks for sharing and oh by the way... I love your scissors...grins....

  10. Sometimes it feels as though the whole world has gone crazy, doesn't it? Once again we in Britain have managed to get involved. our 'leaders; all seem to be on some power trip. Is peace such an impossible concept? I love my country, but I wish we could concentrate on our own problems and let other countries get on with their's. Selfish? Maybe, but I'm so fed up with all this aggression. OK, enough from me. In the meantime let us stitchers just carry on, and hope that in time others will find the peace and satisfaction that we do. Blessings from the UK

  11. Oh your new creation looks beautiful. I love blue anyway.
    Love the scissors as well.

  12. Very pretty blue start. I have to agree with you about the actions of the President. I am just amazed that he chose to stay on vacation at this time.

  13. I enjoy your stitching and have followed your blog for some time, but I'm afraid I have to speak out about one point. The president is on a planned state visit to South American, not a personal family vacation. I'm not making a statement here or there on the actions of the United Nations and our country as a part of the UN regarding Libya, but I felt that the former point should be made.


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