Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need some brighter colors and in a Quaker mood

Today I have heard and been glued to the News channels as the disaster in Japan is getting worse with radiation exposures. Being that Body Guard worked in a nuclear power plant for 10 years, he also has a special interest in this catastropic event.

To lighten the mood, as the news is so dooming....I was reading through some of my fave blogs and Needlepoint is one of them. Did you know that they have freebies that are absolutely gorgeous!
I found one,  a Quaker one that reminds me much of Quaker Christmas but this time even bigger.....what is my mind doing!!!!!

So, sure enough, printed off the 14 pages of it and I had every color in DMC that was listed. All 33 colors.
There was no suggestion for linen so I chose one from my own stash, being economically challenged and this project would definitely use up some old DMC and move the inventory right along. I love this type of BAP because each motif is really like a little one of its own accord.

A general group of colors are:

bagged on purpose as it's about 300 x 300

The material in the picture appears white. I had this on hand which did not have a label but I know is Lakeside Linen of some sort vintegey.

The dark brown in the middle is the main outline colors.

I figured I could work on this during times I need some brighter stitching.

Anyone love it as much as I do?

Click HERE to view the pattern.
It's a monstor but OH SO PRETTY!
I would put this in my guestbedroom.

This is a GREAT blog, Needle print! You must check it out. She has smaller freebies. I believe one could stay busy only stitching freebies :)

The piece for 32 count would need to be about 25 x 25 or soish, allowing 3 inches all around.
Whatcha think?
Anybody interested?
The pattern is free
The floss is DMC or your choice, I would use DCM as their are 33 color changes and I have boocoodles of DMC.

Let me know. This would be a good stitch along for the next 6 months or so or for some of you very lightening fast stitchers alot less.


  1. Your recent finish & framing are lovely - great job!

  2. Which freebie is it that you are doing as the link comes up with them all? I know Mary Wigham is a freebie and I am working on that one myself. I love Needleprint stuff. I have doen the Beatrix Potter quaker and have a few more in my stash to do as well. x

  3. I have been keeping my eye out for a big piece to tackle, but I'm not sure which design you have in mind...the link pulls up a whole bunch of them. Great site!

  4. I would be interested in knowing which of the freebies you are stitching.

  5. Like I need another piece to do, my To Do basket is full and I have about 5 things going now. But, hey I'm game. When would you want to start? I need to download the pattern and get things together.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and site. It's so nice to be enabled for almost free. I'm not up for a SAL, but I was thinking that if I stitched the scallops, this would be a great project for the train as I'd only have to concentrate on filling.

  7. Thank you so much for the link! It's so nice to be enabled for free. I'm not up for a SAL, but I thought that if I stitched all the scallops this would be a great train project as I'd only have to worry about filling.

  8. What is the name of this Quaker pattern, I just might stitch along if I can find the right one... Carol M

  9. Just which pattern are you going to stitch? There are several Quaker freebies that show. I also have Mary Wigham- a quaker - could that be it? Let us know!

    Happy Stitching!

  10. lovely designs, but what is the name of the design you are going to be doing? the link shows them all


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