Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hi, I'm Abbie and here's my story and I'm stickin' to it, dang it!

Hey ya'll!  My mommie said there are alot of newcomers so I need to just let you know my story and I'm stickin' to it, ok?

My name is Abbie, short for Abigail Renee, and I run the house really. My mommie, she's busy stitching a RAK right now, so she asked me to let you know how our Sunday went, okie dokie? She can't show her progress 'cause it's a secret. Shhhhhhhh........

Sundays are for napping and I like to nap on the sofa with a big quilt. I heard the word "spoiled" many times today as my mom was walking by. Is that me? I think she may be talking about him........

I have big brown eyes and just cute as a bug. I have 35 outfits but I really don't like to wear them long.

 I just sit here and dream about Pizza and Chex mix and anything Lip balmish.

 I really like the Dr. Pepper lip balm but Nivea with shea butter is ok too.

My pants got dirty so I had a bath today and fluffed out like a pig with hair. I don't know where all this hair is growing from?  But, I do eat well and get plenty of rest. Sometimes.

My tail never stays still. I grew some brown spots on my hiney and they started out as little heart shapes but now they are very thick and alot bigger, probably because I get regular back rubs all the time.

I like belly rubs too. Makes my eyes just close and then I meditate.

My confessions today are:

~~leaving some tiny, little, purdie turdies beside my mom's yoga mat upstairs on Tuesday. I just couldn't help myself. It looked like my mat. After she went upstairs to do yoga, I heard the yell and I knew. I just knew it. She figured it out that I could walk up AND down the stairs. OMG!

~~sneaking upstairs and sleeping in the closet and playing "Catch me if you can" with my daddy

~~snacking on Chex Mix tonight

~~loving and craving Pizza EVERY day

~~throwing toys down constantly at mommie's feet while she is trying to stitch.

~~getting my pants dirty

Well, that's all my Sunday confessions.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


  1. Dear Abbie: Peanut the dog said keep up the good work as for the turdies no more o.k.
    My mommy does not like them either i end up in jail again if I do one more.
    (jail is a big but kennel with what looks like bars.
    She wont even give me a tin cup to run across the bars oh pooh.
    Happy Spring

    Hugs from Peanut the dog

  2. Hi Abby, I love you post, thank you so much for posting while your mommy was so busy. I think you should do a posting for her at least once a week.

  3. Abbie,
    Yours was one of the best posts I have read today! Stick to your story and you should be just fine. Sundays at your house sound great - naps are a good thing, especially with comfy quilts!

  4. Oh, Abbie, you are so adorable. Don't change a think!

  5. Abigail Renee, dirty turdy? You know better than that. But holding the big guy down until he fell asleep kind of makes up for it! You are a good napper!

  6. Oh Abbie, you are just too cute.
    I think you are well-loved. :)
    It was nice of you to post your favorite things.
    No more messys on the mat though, ok?
    Pat-pat for you. :)

  7. Well hello Miss Abbie :) You stick to your story girl! You are such a good girl for posting while your mummy was busy.

  8. Abby
    I loved your post. You are really cute. You looked so comforable laying on the quilt by your Daddy. Hope you have a good day. I sure hope you get some pizza. Pat

  9. I love your sweet spring design at the top of your blog, but I think you might have used an incorrect spelling for the word year. I don't know French very well, but I think "ane" means "donkey" and "annee" means "year". Maybe some French stitcher could help. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, Addie

  10. Hey Addie and all! Thanks so much for comments on Abbie. We love her so much!

    @ Addie, the last line is Dalenberg Lane with the year on the right, the L is a vine.....sorry if that was misleading but thanks much because I didn't know that "ane" meant donkey.....learned something new today. ;) I framed it tonight and was about to put a pic as a posting!
    Take care!



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