Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in Day 4----Getting out and about carefully but ready

Wow, almost a week living in yoga pants and drinking hot tea and napping, reading and stitching.

 A little like Heaven here.

 But, today, BG will be driving me 'round the mountain this afternoon for an appointment in another town so I will get to see the gorgeous snow all over the farms and mountains on the way.
I've been in almost a week but it's been a restful one for the most part.

I'm excited and feel like I'm going on a date tonight. If it's open, will be able to eat out dinner! WOW! And pizza at that!!!!!!

Last night I made some really good mac and cheese, sliced ham, and collards. Then I crawled on the sofa with a thick blanket by the fire and used my earbuds with my Kindle to listen to the book I bought on meditation. It must have worked as I slept for 2 hours. Oops. Gotta go back now to the beginning. LOL

Abbie got a Coconut Creme bath last night and buzzed around a VERY happy camper after that.
She's so sweet and I love her so much........

This morning I took a pic of the chair warmer who will watch for me while I'm gone today.

This morning I took advantage of good inspiration of the snow and also better eye day. I designed a small sampler for one of my favorite friends who owns a local bed and breakfast. By the way, and this is honest, her last name is Snow. She collects snowmen. The design is called Snowed Inn.

Well, changing from yoga pants to real clothes. I will have to really suck in to zip my jeans. Think I'm getting a muffin top, just eating and lounging....LOL

Looking for my bigger jeans now.

Stay safe and till later,


  1. Have fun on your "date"! It's great to be snowed in, but then it feels great to get out and about again :)

    That is so cute about your friend's name.

  2. Good luck with your appointment. Is your friend's B&B called Snowed Inn ?

  3. Hope you have a safe journey today and that your appointment goes well.

    Snow Inn sounds lovely!

  4. Hmmmmm. Trading hours of relaxing, stitching, learning to meditate, sipping tea and eating muffins for a couple of extra pounds. No brainer. I'd take the few extra pounds for all the loving time on the coach in front of the fire any day. :)

    I hope and pray the doctors appointment went well and he can help.

  5. @ her'is called The Lodge at Windy Acres, but she is the widow of Mr. Snow (seriously) and she is a great elderly friend. She is the perfect hostess.

    Appt did go well, just got back and the roads were very treacherous again. ALOT of black ice on the road. I had to walk a ways in boots to the truck before we could even start but doing good.


  6. I'm glad you made it out and back safely and that your appointment went so well. Enjoy your unexpected time off and remember if meditation is supposed to relax you, it worked!

  7. Do we get to see the new pattern? Please. Abigail reminds me so much of my Meah, she does the same thing. Glad all went well with you appt.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  8. I was able to get to work in Duluth yesterday, and this morning was better - Flowery Branch wasn't in too bad of shape yesterday. But I really did enjoy my Monday & Tuesday, stitching (Wednesday, I bit the bullet and did some work from home, only because it was piling up). DH needed to get out of the house more than I did, though - he didn't put coffee on the list, so I didn't get him any - and he used the last Sunday morning. I'm ready for a good thaw :)

  9. Oooh I'd love to lounge around for day sin yoga pants!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip out!!!

  10. Have fun on your trip out, but be careful!


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