Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

That's the words I woke up to. Thought Bodyguard was joking as we stayed up till amost midnight last night with no snow yet. But looked out and about 7 =8 inches here now and we have more on the way, more ice and snow......which I never understood because isn't

By 8:45am I had built a snowman, made a snowangel, and fell once and stretched a muscle I forgot I had but I'm ok. I just laughed.

we used to have a walkway somewhere.
The house looks twisted but it's me standing a bit off kilter.

I peeked out real early when the sun came out ??? or the light came out rather.

The back porch was covered even though it's screened in. How do you like my new snow cushions?

Ruby is shivering here.

She's probably thinking, "somebody, hep, hep me, I'm not a housedog!"

driveway/road turned sledding

there used to be a boy and girl statue there.

yep, she is staying right here, waiting on me and has placed her "dingiewingies" all around. Too cold for her to go out after seeing Ruby shiver.

I made a Snowangel right where Ren is resting. God bless him.

And my attempt at a snowman till the other "investigator" gets back.

Somebody bring me some HOT PANCAKES from IHOP with syrup and bacon.  YUM!
I've already eaten breakfast once but fixing to go get a cuppa and watch out the window a bit.
We are supposed to get more of this today and tonight and the next day that it will be ABOVE freezing is Friday.  Not complaining though
It's white,
 it's pure
it's peaceful

and it's one of the reasons I like living in the mountains.

Hope you stay warm today!


  1. Enjoy your day and sounds like you are off to a great start. I've made cinnamon toast, taken a nap, thrown Clarice out in the snow for her first time and now going to stitch and it's not even 9:30. I love snow days!

  2. I can't believe all the snow that you've gotten. I thought I was living in the snow belt!!! Hope you enjoy your day - it looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished already this morning!! Looks like a stitching day to me.

  3. Pretty snow pictures, Jennifer.
    We have snow here in South Carolina and expecting ice today.
    That is not good news.
    We are being invaded by blackbirds.
    Hundreds of them. My cardinals and finches can't get to the feeders.
    Right now there are six crows on the feeder and cardinal is sitting on the fence.

  4. Now THAT is some snow! Enjoy your snow day all warm and cozy with Lil Abby and stitching. I love your "snow guard!"

    Stay safe, Peaches

  5. So glad you got your much anticipated snow! It is very pretty, isn't it? I like it when I don't have to be out travelling in it. Love your snow angel :^)

    Have fun!

  6. Very pretty snow...but you can keep it.

  7. We've gotten a snow day here in Memphis too, but only 3 - 4 inches. Your fun in the snow is infectious. Thank you so much for the snow day freebie from the last post.

  8. We got 3ish inches here and Emily built a decent snowman. Zoé just ate the snow (I have pics up of that)


  9. Hey Deb isn't this wonderful??? I love it? But ask me tomorrow if I have to ride around a mountian to the satelite clinic. Oh my!

    Donna, you are so welcome for the freebie. Hope you enjoy it.
    If I could sit still long enough I should stitch it myself...LOL

  10. Sounds like a fun day! Cold....but fun. Perfect stitching weather!

  11. I am so totally jealous. Your house is beautiful. Pancakes are on the way. LOL


  12. I can totally relate to Abby, I wouldn't want to go outside either.

    My parents second home in Blairsville is probably also covered in snow. I'd love to see it. The photo of your home looks so beautiful!

  13. Love your snow angel!! I haven't made one for years. :) Amazing how much snow you had on your screened in porch!

    Enjoy your snowy days!

    God bless you - Julie

  14. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!

  15. Beautiful pictures. Love pictures of snow.


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