Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going sledding today--Snowed in Day 2

Snowed-in the Little House in the Big Woods again and most likely for the week here as there is no movement on the north side of Athens Ga. Much deeper snow covered with ice from mist all night now, here in the mountains.  Atlanta's Marta was closed yesterday and I think today, don't quote me on that one but overall, we are in here. No sun out yet. We are supposed to get more flurries today.

 Today's plans:  to bundle up and take a walk in a while to visit my friend a half mile down the road and then another half to watch all the people sledding on a slope there. This is country excitement, my friends!  ;-)

Did I say it's cold here today????

This  pic is actually a coloring sheet available HERE or click on the above pic and enlarge. Make sure you color the dog white, ok?  LOL  Abbie, precious little one, I want to get some pictures of her but I'm so afraid she may get too cold even with sweaters and coats but we will see today.

This is a cool website for kids! I used to LOVE to color with my kids.

Back to another cranberry muffin. They did turn out yummy this morning.

Throw a little cholesterol on there. Hopefully no heart attacks this week as "we ain't movin' here" with traffic AT ALL and my CPR expires in 2 months.

Maybe the antioxidant in the tea will reverse all the butter.

I really have enjoyed these tea mornings. I backed off all caffeine for several years now due to health reasons but tea doesn't seem to cause as much problem. I now drink that more than coffee at home.
But at work, I'm a coffee girl.

I've offered to babysit any emergency personell's kids because of this weather so we will see what fun the week brings! Our clinic is closed today.

 Till later,


  1. So you may have to babysit today huh? You're brave! LOL . I am so glad that you have the day off as I know you were a little worried about it! Hope you can get a little accomplished today.

  2. Jennifer ~ that muffin with butta looks wonderful :) yummmm!


  3. I love snow - I just wish it was warmer.... LOL
    Maybe you'll get some stitching time in.

  4. The photos of your house makes a lovely blog header :-)

    I hope you enjoyed the snow!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Well that is quite a bit of snow you have. We have been watching it on the news. I live in Ontario, Canada. We have been spared so far this year, we have only a few inches, there is suppose to be some on the way tonight. Take care and stay safe.
    The muffins look delicious, I put zest of lemon in mine, yummy!

  6. I can't believe I've never read your blog before, I may have, but I'm so forgetful! It's great to meet you Jennifer! I'm loving our snow days here in Dacula, GA (Gwinnett County) We got about 6" here, looks like y'all got more! If you are ever out and about near the Mall of Ga, stop by The Stitch Store, I volunteer there on the weekends for Terrie. It's a wonderful little cross stitch shop! I host stitch nights on Tuesdays if you are ever interested and it's not too far!

  7. Enjoy your snow days and keep warm.

  8. Brrrrrr! I'm cold just looking at that beautiful pic of your little house in the big woods! Hope everyone is safe out there. Stay warm! Carol :)

  9. It looks like you are really enjoying the snow Jennifer.
    That muffin looks delicious! :)
    Have fun, and a pat-pat for Abbie.

  10. Lovin the snow shots as a past Mid west X-country skier chick--and i actually can smell the muffins through the screen...time to go for lunch..Happy day to you

  11. I'm a tea drinker. Mostly green tea but I like all flavors.


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