Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow and my Sweetheart sampler

Are you a snow lover like me?  I love it only when I don't have to drive in it but this morning I took full advantage of a good eye day and this is from my heart to you.  Hope to add it to my ornie collection I've designed for my Valentine's bowl.  I can hope......need to be stitching now......

Snow and My Sweetheart

designed by Feathers in the Nest

 copyright 2011

Colors and linen of choice.

Suggested is 32 count natural linen, vintagey

WDW  Blue Coat Red (for the darker rosey) for the roof and the key, and words
GA  Tarnished Gold for the border and the house
GA Cameo Pink for girl's sweater and one of the snowflakes and hairbow
DMC white for the heart snowflakes, the snowballs, and snow on the house
GA Apricot Blush for the girl's hands and face
GA Sarsaparilla brown for the girl's hair and boots
GA Freedom for the girl's jeans

Remember if you want to stitch and share a pic I will display it here on the blog!!!!!

Enjoy your Winter Blessings!



  1. Thank you for taking the time to offer this nice freebie...I hope to stitch it soon...well, as soon as I can fit it into my Crazy 15 time!

  2. Sooo cute!!!! Thank you for offering it as a freebie. It is definitely a must stitch!!!

  3. Yes, I am a lover of snow and we
    have 8 big inches predicted here
    starting after midnight!!!
    I am also a lover of stitching so
    I will enjoy this new little design.
    Thanks so much.
    Still praying for your sight!

  4. Oh, that is too cute.
    Thank you Jennifer.
    And a pat for Abbie. :)

  5. what a lovely freebie. Yes, the snow is beautiful.

  6. Here in Holland we had a lot of snow. Normaly we haven't. Since a few days all snow is away and I hope spring is coming soon (-:.


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