Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in Day 3- Wordy Wednesday

Last night, I worked on this scissor fob called Passion Flower by Shepherd's Bush which is the most beautiful red linen I've seen. It's 30 ct Aztec Red.

 Following the directions, I cut the long strip in half, nervously hoping it was a perfect half as this is my first scissor fob for me. I've always thought they were beautiful finishes but the minute, detailed smallness just intimidated me a bit.

However,  I was eager to make this one as I couldn't have been more thankful and blessed for receiving this from Jolene's giveaway (at DipDiddley Designs)  celebrating her birthday and Christmas. I was awed by the Sonia Gingher scissors. Beautiful! 

Haven't stitched alot in a few weeks trying to rest my eyes more. I'm slow last night but got this far:

It calls for stitching with 1 thread over 2. This is also a different way to stitch as I usually use 2 strands but I like this. The Lancaster Red is such a beautiful thread color and the ribbon you see, hopefully will be placed around this sweet fob when I'm finishing it.

I didn't point this out before because honestly I couldn't see it well and after I took them out of the box and looked, I showed hubbie the beautiful engraving of Shepherd's Bush on one blade and 2011 on the other side with the 0 being the shape of the flower. I was again so thankful and felt honored. I could only dream to be able to go to the Shepherd's Bush shop in person!

I tried to take closer pics today so you can see:

Isn't this the most special pair of scissors you've ever seen?

So, for one blessing, I have is this fob and scissors.
 I am slow with it right now but I will not let this eye issue win. I have to carry on and I know I can do it, even if I have to take baby steps or a step back but I will.
I haven't picked back up on it today yet as they did hurt alot this morning like a needle is in the back of my left eye. I will be going by 4 wheeler or however, to get to an eye appt to have the hemorrhage checked tomorrow if they are open.

I admit. It scares me. 3 days with improvement and then this again.

I found comfort this morning in prayer after a long cry which actually lubricated my eyes naturally, LOL
and then listened to my Kindle books that had the read-to-me feature while resting them with an eye cover.
This did help but I'm back online again and I've got to learn to stop on the computer quite as much.

I've taken this opportunity today, as I can't go anywhere, to listen to my heart and it says to meditate and learn now. So, I found a book on Kindle that is reading to  me feature well. It's 300 pages but it has gotten good reviews and why waste my time thinking about how and doing something about it.

I've always wanted to learn how to meditate. It sounds simple but I'm surprised by the fleeting thoughts that zip around my brain when I close my eyes. It's like trying to shut off the TV.
I spent the time in prayer for awhile, just crying it all out here, wondering if this is what Cabin Fever was or if I truly am just afraid of going blind. I got it all out and it felt good. No one but Abbie could hear me.

About an hour ago, somebody was walking down the drive in the snowy road and it was my hubbie.

With these at the door, saying "I thought you  needed these today".
And I did. He slid all over the roads up to house and walked with them up to the house and I needed that and a good hug.
So thankful again.

I put them by the window on my desk by the fireplace. Beautiful gathering of red and yellow roses and fragrant too.

I'm not one to ask or expect flowers but boy, did I enjoy them today! ;)


Just like my linen.

Thankful I can see them.

2003, Scottsdale, Arizona in 115 degree heat at a  restaurant called A Different Pointe of View

Reminding myself, like this picture, that we all have a different point of view, especially when standing at the top of a mountain and looking around at the big picture of things.

Taking one day at a time, even if it's slowly and taking the time to smell the roses even when sometimes the thorns prick our fingers.

Thank you to:

 my hubbie for the flowers
to God for listening to such a sobbing
for my Kindle for the read-to-me feature
for my friends here, you, in blogland and in person
for blog friends like Jolene who doesn't know how much she really brightened my Christmas
for beginning to learn the art of meditation
for the opportunity to stay home with the snow and see the beauty of it
for making my first scissor fob

and for discovering that Apple Cidar mix in  my hot tea is a great combo to get Vitamin C and antioxidants!

Till later,


  1. Oh my Jennifer those scissors are gorgeous! What a fabulous gift. I am so happy you won them. AND the fob. It doesn't matter how long it takes for you to stitch it but I know stitch it you will since it is perfect for those scissors.

    I hope and pray that you are able to get to the doctor ASAP to check out your eye. In the meanwhile keep meditating and resting your eye.

    The flowers are just beautiful and the perfect gift on a snowy day. Your DH is definitely a keeper for that wonderful gesture. :)

  2. How sweet of your hubbie, lovely flowers for a lovely woman. I look forward to seeing the fob finished and those scissors are really nice. Take care.

  3. Those are the most awesome scissors I have ever seen! Truly one of a kind. What great flowers from the Bodyguard! So colorful. I love that pic of you. You look like Audrey Hepburn in that pic from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I myself had a good cry today, just different issues going on. God is always there for you, Jennifer, just remember that. And so are all of your blogging friends!

  4. Best wishes to you - hope all goes well.

  5. Sometimes we have to work things out any way we can...whatever helps is the best way.
    Did you like The Different Point Of View? I love it. At one time I lived close by The Hilton and enjoy the climb to the top and the fabulous view.
    Love the red and those scissors are beautiful!

  6. Hugs Jen! Lots and lots of Hugs!

  7. I hope you feel better soon, my DH is having problems with his eye, he is off to a specialist next week. It is scary when things are out of your control. My Mom always says it is in control of the Lord.
    I love your flowers, my DH is a sweetheart when it comes to flowers,he always knows when I need them.
    Your stitching project is so sweet I love the red fabric! Enjoy the snow, we are suppose to get some tonight.

  8. Your blog header is so pretty...what a lovely home you have, it's looks like you are living in a winter wonderland.
    I love the fabric you are using for your sweet fob and what wonderful scissors. Stay warm and cozy...hugs, Linda

  9. That is a gorgeous red!! I didn't realize it had pink in it - love it. Great scissors.


  10. Hello Jennifer, I am a new "follower" to your blog. What a gorgeous cottage you have covered in snow. I am off to look at more of your blog, I really like your work and your posts are heartfelt. All the best with your eye, take care. My daughter recently had an eye infection so I can imagine how uncomfortable and not to mention painful this is. All the best, Ann ps. Your flowers are beautiful, I love flowers at home, they just make me feel so happy!

  11. Jennifer,

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Loved your description of BG bringing you flowers.

    Mediate, rest, and enjoy the blessings around you!

  12. Everything looks beautiful. i hope you find peace and comfort!

  13. Love your scissors! Those flowers are absolutely beautiful!! Hope your eyes get better!!!!!

  14. God bless you, Jennifer. Hang in there, Dear!

  15. A post full of lovely things today. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I think that you are doing it with intelligence and grace. Meditation may be a great help and a useful tool in your arsenal to fight off the fatigue and fear.

  16. Best wishes to you and your DH.

  17. Jolene is one fab girl! Love her to pieces. I love scissors too! How I'm wanting a pair now. LOL!
    I really hope your eye heals soon. We don't realize how much we take our eyes and senses for granted. Thanks for helping me to feel gratitude for those things today.

  18. I love that photo of you with the signage. It means so much more than a simple restaurant sign.

    What a sweet hubby to bring you flowers when you were down. :)

    Very nice giftie, too. Love the scissors. Looking forward to seeing your fob finished.


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