Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

Another fun-filled, full day of catch-up!   Don't say that 3 times fast or you might not like what you hear.

When will stitching begin again???? I had a stitching slump since I came back from Chicago.  I plan to get the needle going again tonight. After I finish a couple of things in the laundry like lab coats for work.  Germs, and I hope no "love bugs"!
Yep, that glorious pile waiting on us no matter what....

I'm about as bizarre as it comes tonight. Seeing the world on graph paper while using the Shout bottle and thinking of stress management, I held this thought till I could put to graph tonight.

I'm stitching this up for a pinkeep for my laundry/sewing room which is really all one big area.....a messy area now.  Fabric from here and there and rolls of ribbons, mixed with the ironing board, and lovely dirty laundry. I think it would be cute backed with some homespun fabric and hanging next to my sewing machine for days like today.

The positive note is that there is a clean laundry pile.....but it's big.  : O

Here are some encouraging thoughts as you fly through the week. I love reading quotes like this!

Look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first or the last time. Then your time on Earth will be filled with glory.
~~ Betty Smith

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on so long in the first place.
~~author unknown

I hope next posting I can show some progress.......on at least ONE of the many projects I've started!!!!
Till later,


  1. Love all these quotes today!
    The flower in your header is
    simply gorgeous. Yea! It's
    finally Autumn!

  2. Life just steps into our stitchy time...what nerve! LOL I know how you feel, but take time for yourself and breathe and stitch! I look forward to seeing the piece finished and hanging by your sewing machine.

  3. I just love all 3 quotes! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. :)


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