Thursday, June 3, 2010

In reflection and the day after

Today after the lightening hit we did get back online. We have contacted the insurance and there is quite a bit of electronic damage. I can't online go into detail all the damage but we do have online and one laptop....mine ....YEAH!!! working. Two other computers fried, one completely fried (of course the newest one), and the other one is snowey but working well enough to see. The first electrical check was done but someone is coming tomorrow to do a thorough check as it charged with such force through the basement level and kitchen.

These are a few pics of the power that blew off and melted wires and plastic, peeled back the surrounding wallpaper........very scarey thing to happen. Let's put it this way, I was standing in a bedroom with the phone in my hand almost to dial like I said before. I literally thought a plane struck our house and that is possible as there are small planes that fly over here alot. The force knocked over bronze book ends on a table and I hit the floor faster than fast and laid there with a ton of thoughts running through my head, wondering if it was an airplane on the roof burning, or someone was shooting through the window.......etc. I then panicked when the phone was dead. Then got up and went to the security panel for emergency button....all blown up...... with cell phone in the car, way down the drive, I finally braved the storms running to call on my On-star car phone system through the rain and more lightning. I literally ran around looking for fire for an hour or more until help arrived. I didn't touch anything else.

They think it hit a tree, hit ground, into the house through the phone, cable line and then surged through all the electrical. Even things that we though had grounding did not protect it. I did learn a lesson. I didn't realize lightening can hit things and fry them even if they are not turned on.

We have one snowey functioning TV for right now until the cable guy comes back in 7 days to bury another line......
Fried two of BG's computers and other stuff.......I didn't really appreciate all these gadgets we have until that happened! ;) Now, I'm soooo thankful for my laptop and TV.

But, insurance is taking this seriously and having  a detailed interwall and attic inspection of all wires tomorrow as the power was with such force and melting electrics. The funny thing was that the overhead kitchen lights were the only thing that stayed on, with the stove that I had on cooking some beans on low. Everything else went out.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
Thank goodness I have internet and all my computer was, pics, etc.
Thank goodness for alot!!!!
Thank goodness you have stuck with me through this non-stitchy post and also thank you for the support.

As far as stitching, I haven't been able to stay still enough to stitch anything.
 But I have just sat down and watching Nancy Grace and will pick up my stitching as I watch and hope we get back to normal.

And ironically, the piece I'm working on........

The rest of the quote says....."they have clung to me all my life"
I definitely need to finish this one up!!!

And when I finish this pattern, I know exactly where I'm hanging it now......
Right where I was standing.......

Here's hoping that your week is going well and may God shelter you from these Summer storms!!

Till later,


  1. Just so glad to hear that you and your home are okay! I bet it scared the pups a bit too!

  2. I am so glad you are safe and sound! My sister and I were just coming into the North GA area when those storms started rolling in. I tried so hard to get pictures of the lightning (LOL - I am weird like that) but only got rain drops the size of water balloons on the windshield...haha.

  3. Girl the lord was looking over you that day. Thankfully you were not seriously injured.

    Sorry to hear about all of your electronics.But happy to know that you are safe and that everything will get fixed soon enough. The WIP is coming along nicley, what a great spot on the wall for it.
    Take Care

  4. Oh GEE WIZ! What a situation! I'm glad insurance is there to cover all the damage. So sorry you have to go through all that hassle but glad you are safe.

  5. So glad that you and the house are okay. I wouldn't have known what to do.

  6. I was in my house when it was struck by lightening about 15 years ago. It struck a tree next to the house and jumped to the phone and cable wires, etc. It killed 3 TV's, the VCR, the answering machine, and believe or not the microwave. Like you I was up in the attic searching for a smoldering fire. The poor dog was already scared of thunder and that just made it worse! Glad you are safe!

  7. You had a guardian angel standing beside you all the way. Glad to hear you are fine and the bulk of the damage is in the electrical area, something that can be replaced and fixed. At least you have a laptop working. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers.

  8. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky. I hope everything turns out okay. Glad you are all doing well. That certainly is a scary thing.

  9. Wow, what an ordeal, I am glad everything is ok, so to speak, you just never know how lucky you are until something like this happens to you. I love the "I remember my mothers prayers" and how remarkable and coincidental to be stitching this at the right time.
    Be always in stitches.

  10. Bless your heart:) we can't control FATE...but thankfully YOU are OK.

    Happy you have good help on the way. How are the little fur babies...?
    Thinking of you,

  11. Holey Moley!! I am so glad that you are okay! Thunderstorms can come up so quickly! Glad that your house did not sustain more damage to it than you told... It will be a challenge on the claim as it is! BIG HUGS to You!!

  12. Oh wow that was very scary. Thank goodness God had his angels around your home. We have heard several stories here where houses were struck by lightning and the whole home was destroyed.

    Hope this all gets resolved soon for you.

    What a piece to be stitching at this time.....

    I was stitching on L&L In the arms of an angel when my dad passed... amazing how the piece you are working on can relate so well to life.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about this! I am glad you are all okay though! I guess that idea of not talking on the phone in a thunderstorm is true and we should not do it! Thank you for alerting us. Hope you can relax this weekend!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about this! I am glad you are all okay though! I guess that idea of not talking on the phone in a thunderstorm is true and we should not do it! Thank you for alerting us. Hope you can relax this weekend!

  15. Wicked storms up there in those mountains! My parents in Panorama Estates (which I think is near you) had the same tree strike in their yard about 6 mths ago which took out their electronics, a couple of appliances AND my dad's new car sitting in the driveway - what a PITA indeed. So glad you're safe and still stitching! Tricia - Fort Belvoir, VA

  16. That is exactly how it happened at our house. Lightening hit the outside building, bounced off on a tree, ran down the tree, hit a cable and followed it up to our house. Luckily the cable was grounded to a brick fireplace or the whole house would have gone up.

    I am so glad you are safe. Things can be replaced. I love your WIP. Such a beautiful saying.

  17. Hi Jennifer,
    You don't know me but I follow your blog everyday. I am so glad that you and your family (including your pups)and your house is safe.

    Your stitching inspires me so much and I enjoy watching you create and make some wonderful items.

    Hope things settle down for you soon and that the insurance company gets right on things for you so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

    Bobbie (no blog)


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