Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Abigail Renee, I'm going to stay

 Reasons I stitch slower at night:

Bodyguard saw this and thought it picture-worthy, so he got the camera to show you why extra white fibers end up in the samplers!

She rests her head on my hand and moves up and down with the needle without batting an eye..........

Well, maybe.....a little. She likes to be in the spot light all the time. The little Stinker.

A little drool on 25 count unbleached linen is just what adds the aging effect.

Now I've said my ABC's, won't you come and play with me?

Yoga anyone?


  1. What love - she'll stay attached to you even when your hand is moving. What a special friend you have in Abbie!

  2. That is so cute and so sweet. I know our deaf cat Frasier loves to be on my lap while I stitch and yes, I do end up stitching slower.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Little Miss Abigail is just so cute! What a sweet girl. She's just showing her mommie the love. Don't you just love Chi's? They are the best.

    Have a great weekend and happy stitching. BTW I really like your freebie patterns. Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)

  4. How absolutely adorable! It reminds me of my little Yorkie show sits very close while I stitch or crochet. She always has to be in on the action, too. Your baby is adorable and I always love seeing the pictures of her. Hope you're feeling better!

    God bless you - Julie

  5. So sweet.I have a pushy one that demands my attention too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. That is cute. My little Sophie does the same with me while I'm trying to stitch. Give Abbie a hug.

  7. I love her! Reminds me of how I am trying to stitch and Cookie wants to sit near my face on my shoulder. I tell ya, that's some creative stitching poses we'll do for these dogs.

  8. How sweet! She must really love the rythmic motion of our hands - like a baby in a cradle!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. That is adorable - very cute. She is movin - so comfy!


  10. How sweet! I'm afraid I'd never get a single stitch in if my gals sat with me like that!

  11. What wonderful photos! Abigail is just so adorable :)

  12. Too Cute -I wouldn't get a thing done !!

  13. Your little Abigail is just precious, keeping her Mommy company while you stitch. My little Meggie (apricot toy poodle) has a special little "blankie" that she loves to cuddle up with on my stitching recliner. Aren't our "babies" just such loves?

  14. Little Abigail is definitely one of the cutest little stitching companions! My little Meggie (apricot toy poodle) loves to cuddle up on her "blankie" on my favorite recliner while I stitch too. Aren't these little ones such "loves"?

  15. What an adorable stitching partner!

    I had a cat who loved to sit next to me while I stitched, the two I currently have are way to interested in the thread moving.

  16. beautiful photos of your little companion :) and extra fibres make it extra special ;) love mouse xxxx

  17. She is such a little darling. My
    Toby just wants to pull all my
    thread out of the needle and
    keep me from stitching at all!
    He is already jealous and wants
    all of my attention.

  18. She's so cute she deserves to be in the spotlight!

  19. The rhythm of your stitching must be calming to her.
    How cute to have such a close stitching buddy.
    Hope you are feeling better today.
    Pat-pat for Abbie.

  20. How could you not love that face! It's a good thing she is so tiny or you'd have wrist problems too!

  21. How adorable! I haven't had my kitty lay quite that close yet while I am stitching. She has laid on my legs while they were up on the sofa while stitching. And she eyes my threads.

  22. Beautiful work and beautiful blog! Greatings from Italy, good night!


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