Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking towards October

October is almost here and I can't believe how September has flown by so fast!  Fall is officially here as of 7:09pm last night,  and I've been looking at all the beautiful stitchy pieces by Blogger friends and they are all soooooo pretty!!!! I love Fall colors.

I should be stitching instead of designing today, but hasn't happened that way yet. Instead, I've taken several hours today to design a sampler for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

October is the month for remembrance and promise hope for Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. Both are critical components to support as a women's health advocate.

I  had to explore the violet colors for a sampler with the verse from George Eliot born in 1819, that I thought was appropriate for DV awareness.

The verse is an excerpt from this quote:

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort, of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

~~ George Eliot, English Victorian Novelist, pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans, 1819-1880

I used sampler threads, including names such as Love, Vintage Violet, Independence, Lavender Louise, Old Oak Tree, Blacksmith Blue, and several others for this piece............waiting to be stitched on Vintage Cream Belfast linen.

Vintage motifs that symbolize healthy love and safety are also in the sampler.

I hope your week is going well.

On the homefront, Miss Abigail, lost her first babytooth last night and she didn't swallow it but it just fell out of her mouth while she was chewing her dingie-wingie.  That's what we call her rawhide chewies.  ;)

The sight of blood in Abbie's little mouth was a bit scarey for us but then we realized one of her big back baby teeth came out and it was lying on the floor.
She still has all her baby teeth AND permanent teeth. The vet made mention a couple of months ago to put her to sleep and remove the baby teeth as they were not coming out but I didn't want to do that and maybe now she will lose her other baby ones and not need any other intervention. 

She didn't like her "treat" the tooth fairy left her this morning and so here I go spoiling her with a bit of people food for a snack. Instead she tinkled at the bedroom doorway, so I guess she was a bit pissed off, so to speak.

These "dog treats" came from Walmart in the Diva pet section and they smell like real cookies!  (No, I haven't yielded to tasting them)
I don't know why she is picky but she doesn't like them. She will either not take it or hide it under the furniture or rug somewhere so as not to hurt my feelings I guess????
Dogs are strange sometimes, just like us.

So, she snacked on cheese crackers instead, with me this afternoon.

I can you NOT feed this face something good????

She will give me the stare if I'm eating and she is not.

I think "Maybelline" is her nickname. She definitely has the smokey eye down pat. LOL

She's happiest on the couch. She is a couch potato------SPUD, yep, that's what she is, a SPUD!

can you tell her "bib" is growing longer???  That's what the front hair is called, according to Chihauhau language.

Ok, these are making me want to bake some cookies.

Till later,


  1. Abbie is so cute !!! Can't wait to the the colors you described in the post stitched into something !!

  2. so cute your sweet little doggy! Love your new header of the beautiful stitching!

  3. Miss Abbie is certainly growing up and is just as cute as can be. The dog cookies look tasty to me especially with the icing on the edge!

  4. Spoiled? Who? Me? Nawwww. What can we do when we see such cuteness? My Chi gets me all the time. She's an older gal, 11 in Nov, and she does the push the rejected treat around the floor until it's well hidden. But that dog will sell her soul for cheese!
    Love the new piece! Looking forward to your new design.

  5. I can't wait to see your sampler, it sounds so pretty.
    I hope Abbie is feeling ok with her lost tooth. I'm sure the cheese crackers made up for the not-wanted doggie treat! :)

  6. Love the action shot - too cute!


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