Monday, September 6, 2010

Concentrating on nature's beauty

You just never know what you might run into that is peaceful and beautiful.
Daily thoughts now. Let go. Embrace serendipity.
I'm going to try to hold that long as I can and enjoy the upcoming 2nd third of my life.
So much time wasted.
Who knows what's next?
I feel like a load has been lifted after reading today.
I hope you find that inner peace too. Life is too short to hang on to toxic relationships and imagining what could go wrong.
Expect the best. That is my thought for the week.
I know there will be challenges to this but trying hard, trying real hard.
I'll stick to my karma and let them stick to theirs.
nite nite after a good profitable day.
Stay-tuned at the serendipity that's coming my way.


Happy Labor Day
Hope it's full of barbeque, rest, and naps!


  1. oh it's beautiful paon !
    best regard in France

  2. Thank you for this encouraging post. Love it!

    I'm with you..let go of those toxic relationships!

    I hope you'll have time to check out my swap and spread the word. I think it will be fun. Might give many of us a 'happy boost'.

  3. Gorgeous pic and great post - thanks!


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