Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 sampler

September 11th sampler, 2010
by Feathers in the Nest

9/11 touched everyone's life in some way. Even if we didn't know personally the people that gave their life that day, the ripple effect is tremendous.

Ten years later we are still fighting for our freedom from terrorism because Americans are strong and committed, laying all partisanship aside, we united through this crisis to try to prevent such tragedy again. Our country was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom and I'm proud to be an American today and still hold those principles to heart.

We can't always prevent all tragedies and they certainly leave a blueprint in our hearts.

Freedom is something, I think, we all sometimes take for granted. We are free here to speak, to write, to live life mostly as free as possible, to vote, to embrace, to choose. Unfortunately, not all countries have this freedom.

I think about this famous quote:

We cannot defend freedom abroad if we dessert it at Edward R. Murrow

This is so true. Unfortunately, we live in a climate of mixed emotions and anger and hatred from certain terrorist's groups that still prevails not only in their countries but in ours too. I think it's time we focus our energies on the homeland. We can't change the minds of evil people. We can only try to grow stronger within ourselves starting at the personal level, then extending to community, then to country to resist and protect against any such horrific events.

I watched the movie a couple of times but with sorrow in my heart of the plane that went down, heading for the White House on 911. Those folks fought hard for our freedom as much as our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq today.  I cry every time I see that on TV. The last phone call to family, helplessness on what to do.

911 should bring remembrance that freedom is not free. Maintaining freedom has cost many lives, suffering, and pain.

I could only process the thought of my son, Brandon, being in the military by telling myself two things. First, he is happy with it and good at it. And second, I've never felt prouder than when he came off the bus in formation in the night with his buddies on US soil after serving from home from a year in Afghanistan. I was and am proud of him as a mother and a fellow citizen for fighting even years later from the ripple effect of this tragedy. It's scary for me but I'm proud.

 It changed my life. It changed yours too, I'm sure, if not directly, indirectly.

I'm the first to admit that I complain about what I don't have and should count my blessings more. 911 should be a day of remembrance, reflection, and counting our blessing of freedom in this country.  Freedom is not a given and there are many that are trying hard to abolish that for the US but a united front, not a political view point, but united purpose to nurture what we have been given in this country is something we all here at home can do every day.

My heart aches for the families of the 911 victims/heroes. The firefighters, the police officers that fought so hard to rescue Americans from this tragedy is overwhelmingly touching.

I hope that you treasure and nurture your freedom on this day and all the days after, this gift, but at the price of great pain. 

If anything is learned from this on a personal level, ask yourself "what would I do if I knew that I had very little time to survive?"  Would you call your best friend to say goodbye, your family?  your pastor?  your mom? your dad? sister?  Would you just peacefully say prayers and be silent?  Just something to think about. And if you answer differently than you are living your day today, then why? 

 Life is not a guarantee. Freedom will always be challenged.

 I know I think about it because I try to make sure everyone I love...... knows it and knows my heart even if they don't know mine.

So, with a day of remembrance, I say to readers today to reach out to at least one person and tell them how much you care, as it may be the last time you see them.

Remember that freedom is what our country is based on. It's our duty to make sure we remain free. All of us. United.

Nurture What we Have for it can be taken away at any moment.


  1. Beautiful post. So grateful for families like yours that have sons or daughters that defend our freedom. Thank you!

  2. Amen - beautifully said and so very true! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Jennifer, what a beautifully written, thoughtful post that reflects on many aspects of life after Sept 11.

    Life is so precious as is freedom and both should be protected and enjoyed.

    Thank your son for me, from downunder, because when America was attacked, freedom across the world was attacked.

    I've saved your chart and will be proud to stitch it!

  4. Thank you Jennifer for saying what is in my heart !!!

  5. Hi Jennifer, may you be blessed with all the love you so deserve.
    Blessings from your friend in the UK

  6. astitchersheirlooms.blogspot.comSeptember 14, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    What a beautiful story about our precious America and your honorable son, who served our country so bravely. How blessed we are to have so many wonderful freedoms here. We must always place our faith and trust in God, as our founding fathers did, and never allow this great nation to be destroyed by the evils that threaten to destory us.

  7. I'm in the UK and at that time I was a Senior Flight Attendant, but I was sick with the flu that particular week. I remember on that day I was sitting on the floor in my living room with a sandwich and a cup of tea and I had just switched on the television. The first tower had been hit just several moments before and for the rest of that day in 2001 I was glued to the television. I had friends who worked in the towers and I had no clue whether they were there, on their way to work or on holiday. They were the lucky ones, one was on holiday and the other had a flat tyre so she was late for work.

    Over the weekend there were lots of documentaries and the film Flight 93 was on over here in the UK. 9 years, time goes so quickly.


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