Sunday, September 5, 2010

Abbie's first harness---getting ready for a city vacation

This morning, walking out and the weather being 64 degrees and beautiful outside, not a drop of humidity in the air.........we got out Abbie's little harness I've had tucked away for some time. This is honestly the first time in her 11 months and 26 days of life that she has had her feet on the ground. Always inside or on the back porch. So this is an adventure to her.

She's a bit unsure of it while we walked up the dirt road a bit. I hope this gets better. We should have started this earlier, but I just let her be a freebird in the house and maybe spoiled a bit. Maybe.

Tough and dainty all in one picture. :)

Her tail hair has grown quite a bit and fans out. She's checking out nature here.

So here she is, Miss Abbie, learning to walk with the harness on and a leash. Something that is brand spanking new to her. She looked at me here directly because I said "Do you want a TREAT?"

And yes, when she came in, the motivation was a sweet potato and chicken wrapped treat after we took off her harness and praised her for being such a good girl.

She said she is more than ready for some good treats from her Uncle Paul's and Aunt Noi and Grandma's house.
Abbie will be 1 year old on Sept 8th.
She will get a special treat then and even maybe a cone hat to wear, who knows....LOL


  1. I think Abbie is just an 'ole soul' and she will adjust to about anything;good pics of hubby being patient with Ms. Abbie exploring the big green outdoor carpet:)
    I can see she is getting longer looking legs...still searching for an adorable little chi for doggie couple is hopefully going to be expecting AFTER their recent date:)

  2. There is a site where the best in Chi resort and breeding you will find. This is where Abigail came from. The owner has been in business for 10 years and has grown up with Chis.
    It's located in Young Harris, Georgia, near Blairsville/Hawaissee area north of us and they have a good website.
    She said people have gotten dogs from her all over the US.

    Yep, hubbie always has patience both of us. I'm fortunate there.


  3. She is looking like it won't be a hard least she's standing and not laying down, refusing to walk around :) My Chi loves to walk ~ although she is almost 11, so she gets breathless quickly.

  4. Very cute! Have a wonderful trip to the city!!!

  5. I can't get over how different (in a very good way) Abbie looks outdoors.

  6. sweet sweet Abbie. Thanks for the smiles. I needed them today.

  7. Jennifer, thanks for the good Chi info...omw for a visit there now:)

    If he is a good listener and are truly blessed, indeed.

  8. Abbie is such a cutie!! Loved seeing her tail all fanned out!


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