Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday already?

TGIF to everyone!

 For me, when I'm off work, I say instead.....It's Friday already?

Don't know if it's a full moon but feels like one.

I'm glad I woke on the right side of the bed this morning because I have tons of errands to run, and the rush of pre-trip this-and-that starts to make me more hyper than usual ---and that's hyper!
Hubbie can pack all his stuff in one over night bag for a   oh me oh my, I have trouble fitting everything  in a large suitcase. I've always been a homebody so trips challenge my need to simplify.  Last trip BG's forehead broke in a sweat as they were weighing my suitcase at the airport and it was half of my bodyweight. Extra charges were waived but that was like a ticket warning for me. LOL

Stayed up late again reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and so far it's very sad. The little girl is so pitiful in the first 3 chapters but I'm going to plug along at it. Seems so far to be a heartbreaking story.

Raven woke me at 7am barking and yodeling on the front porch nonstop. Nothing would stop her. In my sleepy wakefulness, I did everything I could to make her stop but she was intent on staring in the woods and I didn't want to go meet a bear this morning so I figured that was probably what she was barking at. In my sleepiness she looked like a bear herself, being all black. But I blinked again, that was Ruby. Two black Labs and a big black bear and me in the morning would not be a good scenario, so I pulled the covers over my head.

She finally stopped and then I drifted off to sleep to enjoy one more day of sleeping in ...ahhhhh.....and then the phone rang. It was an automated voice telling me the church was having a picnic this weekend and to bring a side dish.   Side dish????  Bring me pancakes and coffee!

So, I got up with broken sleep in hours of 2-3 at a time.....but on the right side of the bed as I'm so looking forward to our Chicago trip. Made a big pot of coffee. Decaf.

The weather here this week was sunny and gorgeous temps. Today is the first cloudy day. Fixing to zoom over to see what's predicted for Chicago this coming up week.

Also got to figure out and downsize a small bag of cross stitch to tuck in my suitcase. Hard choices.
{{{{biting nails}}}}

 well off to the day.....well, evening now......time is flying. Back to the rush.


  1. Your packing sounds a lot like mine, so good luck! Enjoy your trip - I'm just wishing Peoria were closer to Chicago so I could meet you. Have a great time!

  2. Hey Calamity! thanks so much and that would be so nice. I've always thought it would be nice for all of stitching blogland friends to meet at one place one!

  3. Try your bathroom scales for that big suitcase! Wishing you a fun trip! Maybe you'll find a good needlework shop along the way.

  4. Have fun on your trip!

    Packing is a joke when I do it. I take EVERYTHING I can think of plus more.

    Smiles - Denise

  5. Keep plugging away - the book will be worth it! Have fun on your trip!

  6. Have a great time in Chicago!


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