Thursday, September 9, 2010

A good start on the Breast Cancer Awareness sampler

Late last night/early this morning......I finally got some antique white linen located in the house and didn't have 32 ct as I wanted, all I had was 25 count. So, I'm braving it and stitching over one on 25 count. Going MUCH better than over one with higher counts.

I love the little cross. I change the colors sometimes after I start with them and the cross is stitchedin CC Blessed Jess. Isn't that beautiful name?

This is evenweave linen so it's going faster. I'm starting on the muted green around the word Always.

This is going to be a special spot in my studio, to be framed when I'm finished.

Speaking of always,

found this morning like this. She is a bit distraught as the vet trimmed her nails and she does not like that at all. So, when she got home, she pulled up a pillow on the sofa and made herself queen for the afternoon. Again.
She is a hoot.
Gotta run, so much to do today. Talk later!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your new sampler.

    Happy Birthday Abbie!


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