Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturdays are for play with color, threads and designs

oh, yep, it's a big mass of white floss, curled in a blanket, trying to gain my attention from stitching.........

shedding everywhere right now.

working on a pattern I made for August, the Dog Days of Summer.

 Just peak outside and breathe in the humidity, fog your glasses and then slam the door, putting your back against the door and thank God for air conditioning! Whew!

Now, this is certainly the sticky, stormy, Saturday in August I used to feel in South Ga.
I pinch myself and no I'm not in South Ga anymore but in the jungle mountains of North muggy August but I smile because it's so much better here. :)

I sort out some colors and seems that the white shade is here.

this thread is called Abigail White from the Yodel Sampler Company

It graces our floors and sofa. Hence, I really need to be vacuuming instead of playing with threads right now.

If you think the weather gives you a bad hair day then take a look at this.

yes, this puts things in perspective for me. Where's my leave-in conditioner?

A blurry peek at my start.

Play, sleep, play, sleep.

That sounds pretty good to me.

what else are Saturdays for right?

Here's hoping you are enjoying a dog breather from the work week!


  1. Abigail is so cute ! We have a black Cocker Spaniel that sheds black hair on everything.. I know what you are going through.

  2. Cute design, Jennifer. Speaking of fur .... Miss Maddy leaves her fur everywhere ... drives me nuts and makes me a vacuum freak. LOL


  3. Jennifer, you are so funny! I love reading your blog. And little Ms Abbie, well, what can we say other than cute, cute, cute! And that dog hair is just another fiber! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Abbie is so cute! Iam sure that I have my Sammi's hair in everything I stitch.

  5. oh I love your dog ! it's very lovely
    best regards
    marylin France


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