Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still some works in progress.........

I'm still working and tweaking this sampler for Abbie's summer. So far.......with some other items I've pulled to work with as well, here it is pulled out of my bag, still unpressed and needing a few more details.
 I'm on the last row and I found this fringe that was perfect for it this week. This will probably be a pillow instead of framing and will blend perfectly in the guest bedroom/studio.

I love this shade of pink with dark brown, a chocolate brown.

Totally unrelated is this long large piece of serged pink flannel and chenille that was rolled up and in a remnant basket for 2 bucks.

I have some pink flannel just like this darker shade and hope to make Abbie another blanket with this piece in some way, maybe by the time we take our trip.

the back is serged well.

Tonight I took a plain grapevine wreath and added some flowers and cut some "late summerish fabric"  for the bow and put on the front door.

I'm so ready for that drier air and cooler nights. Usually, by the first week of September here in the mountains, we can feel just a bit of  it in the air.

Speaking of outside, Body Guard brought THE best, juiciest peaches home from somewhere??? by the road and they are wonderful. I peeled 3 or 4 tonight after supper and made this:

Peach Cobbler

This time I added some vanilla and cinnamon and it was lovely with Cool Whip. I sat in the front porch rocker and fed the mosquitoes a while and then took a walk around on the porch near sunset to see some pretty shadows of trees across the pond.

It's hard to see where the reflection and the trees begin and end

a close up shows ripples from something down there. I may not want to know what it is! :o

And soon the different shades of green will debut the most beautiful Fall colors imaginable. I can't wait!

 Fall is my favorite time of year.

Well, off to watch the news and catch up. Glen Beck has an interesting segment tonight. Then I flip over to Nancy Grace and watch the latest court cases and can put some things in perspective....LOL

Till later,


  1. Sampler is so cute! I love the wreath on the Door !!! I wish I had some of those peaches !!!

  2. This is an especially beautiful post, Jennifer! That Abbie sampler is coming right along, and I couldn't agree more about that soft warm pink/deep chocolate combination. When you've finished Abbie's blanket, do you suppose there's enough fabric to make a blankie for me, too? Lol! :D

    Great wreath ornamentation, as well--and I'm just pretending I didn't even see that peach treat! :D Not on this diet, anyway. ;)

  3. Great Sampler! I look forward to seeing your finish. I also love Fall. Well Done on the door wreath. Peaches are my Favorite! Yum! Happy Stitchin!

  4. Love the Sampler!!! And I also love the fall, it must be beautiful there during that time of the year....I'm jealous! =( LOL

  5. Abbie's sampler is coming along nicely....thanks to her mother's dedication :) And I love the pink and brown combo colors.

    Great job on the wreath! I too love fall and cannot wait to see your fall pics. Wish it would get nice and crisp here :-0

    Yummo on the peach cobbler!

  6. The sampler is coming right along and is so cute. I agree about the pink and dark brown looking good together. The wreath is lovely! I love the pictures of the lake and trees.


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