Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm in a Tizzy when I get this busy!

Yep, that's what my grandmother, my Mama Grace, would say on days like these. I'm in a tizzy and so very dizzy over all the colors and projects I have started and when I'm in a tizzy, I have to get busy. It's a good busy thought.

Miss Abigail is lounging on the sofa while I'm in the stitching chair frogging her and restitching her on the summer sampler. She doesn't mind at all to stare at me and then close her eyes for a nap so I can be inspired. ;0
I'm making so many revisions on this pattern I designed as I stitch it that I will have to go back now and change my pattern but when you have colors, things change sometimes on how they fit to the cloth. Abbie is so white but has some pale to medium brown heart patches on her backside that I'm actually putting a block of Bella Rosa (Crescent color cotton) around here for contrast. This is one of the beautiful shades of pink I ordered and it's plain beautiful! When I get further progress, I'll show a pic.

Other things keeping me busy are thinking about The Dutch sampler I'm designing for my brother-in-law's one day restaurant called The Dutch Onion, therefore it's name The Dutch Onion Sampler.

This fabric I got last week at a quilt store inspired me to pick out these colors.

isn't this fresh and so Dutchy???

Wouldn't you know it that Buckeye Scarlet is one of the red shades in the design!
There are a few more more I have to add but these are the main ones.
I have a pewter motif pitcher in this one so a Lexington gray color may just do the trick.
We'll see. That's what I love about this is getting to choose and rearrange and see colors come to life.

Well, Fiddle-dee-dee. I have to hurry and run to town for some errands and then get take out tonight so I can play more with these colors.


  1. You certainly seem to be having fun with all your projects and colors!

  2. As a transplanted Buckeye myself, I have to say I love the fabric and those colors, and especially the Buckeye red! Great choices! I've eaten in several of those Dutch restaurants but don't recall the Dutch Onion. No matter - they all have fantastic food, so, to followers of this blog who live in the area or are passing through, be sure you stop and meet Jennifer's brother. You won't be sorry, and your tummy will thank you!


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